Open World Entertainment CEO Jang Suk Woo pleads guilty to sexual assault of trainees during appeals hearing

November 13, 2012 @ 4:47 am
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Open World Entertainment CEO Jang Suk Woo, who was charged with counts of sexual assault against female trainees and sentenced to 6 years in prison earlier this year, has confessed to his crimes.

On November 13th, during the appeals hearing, Jang confessed to having sexually assaulted female trainees in his agency. His lawyer stated, "He pleads guilty to all charges. He will work to help the healing process of the victims."

His side also tried to appeal to the court's favor in order to get his sentence reduced by stating that Jang is a business man who had worked hard to spread Hallyu within China, calling one of his company executives as a witness to prove this point. This seemed to have been brought about after suspicions arose that Jang was part of gang-related activities.

This is a complete change in attitude of Jang and his legal team, as previously, they had denied the charges altogether and then later stated that although sexual relations did occur, they were not forced. However, with the latest appear hearing, Jang has now admitted to all the charges against him.

The next court session will take place on December 11th.

Source + Image: Kuki News via Naver, Herald

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