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Jihae shares her feelings after leaving Girl's Day

October 17, 2012 @ 5:04 pm
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Jihae tweeted about her thoughts on leaving Girl's Day.

Jihae took to her Twitter and wrote, "I'm not going to use this account from now on (@Girls_Day_Jihae), so please follow me @wooj_crown. Thank you", and uploaded a photo of her hand written letter.

The letter read,

Everyone, it's Jihae. I'm sorry for worrying everyone all this time. You've been worried, right? I won't be with Girl's Day from this album onward. As I promoted as a singer, I took time off of college, but that time has come to an end so I decided to go back to my studies. I'm very thankful that I was so loved as a Girl's Day member. I'm so thankful and also apologize to all the fans who always supported me.. I'm going to be even better now, so look over me. Please love Girl's Day more as well~ ^^

On her new twitter account, her profile reads, "Step by step from the bottom. After two years..", causing fans to be curious as to what could happen after 2 years.

Source: Jihae's old and new Twitter

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