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TVXQ's 'Catch Me' rises to the #1 spot on Tower Records' pre-order sales chart

September 22, 2012 @ 9:00 pm
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Just days ago, TVXQ rose to the #1 spot on Tower Records' pre-order chart with pre-sales for their newest album 'Catch Me'. Immediately following 'Catch Me' being up for pre-order, the album has been receiving explosive love from Japanese fans.

Above all, many are looking forward to TVXQ's newly upgraded music. A Tower Records representative stated, "TVXQ is making their comeback with 'Catch Me'. The album holds not only dance tracks, but that of R&B, ballad, and other musical genres as well."

The trendy dutch electronic sound overlapped with orchestral performances is what makes 'Catch Me' that much more of a 'catch'.

Meanwhile, 'Catch Me' will be released domestically on the 26th.

Source & Image: Dispatch via Nate

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