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F.T. Island's Seunghyun makes his musical debut on 'Jack the Ripper'

August 9, 2012 @ 1:30 pm
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F.T. Island's Seunghyun has made his successful musical debut on 'Jack the Ripper'.

On the 8th, the young singer made his first performance as 'Daniel', and fans from Japan came to cheer him on. Japanese fans are reported to have filled the theater's seats after taking photos with posters of the musical featuring Seunghyun. The excitement escalated when the other members of F.T. Island came to the musical to support their fellow member.

On stage, Seunghyun performed alongside many other musical stars, showing  that his efforts preparing for the role have paid off.

After the show, Seunghyun commented, "Because this was my first stage, I was nervous, but once I got on stage I was fine. I felt stronger by having the other F.T. Island members there, and I think I finished my first performance immersed in [the character of] Daniel. I'm so thankful to all the fans who came to support me, especially to the fans from overseas. I hope to show you all a better performance from now on."

Seunghyun will be performing on the 10th, 12th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 21st, and 23rd of this month. He will also be performing in Tokyo, Japan on September 19 and October 1 and 2nd.

Source + Image: Asia Today via Nate

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