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2PM sells out their '6 Beautiful Days' Japanese tour

May 8, 2012 @ 3:13 am
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2PM has completely sold out their first Japanese tour!

The boys are scheduled to meet with thousands of fans at the Budokan for their '6 Beautiful Days' concert, which will be held for six days starting May 24th through the 31st. With the opening of tickets sales, every single seat was reported to have sold out.

Not only that, but the additional concert dates at the Yokohama Arena on June 5th and 6th, which were originally added at the request of fans, also sold out as well! The additional concert dates will seat an extra 20,000 fans, making the grand total to 90,000 fans that have signed up for a dose of 2PM.

2PM's already completed an arena tour the size of 100,000 audience members back in December, which also included two extra concert dates.

The boys' upcoming Yokohama concert will be all the more meaningful due to the day being the release of their fourth single, 'Beautiful', which previously topped Japan's digital chart, Recochoku.

Source + Photos: Sports Korea via Naver

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