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Nine Muses member Sera reveals her handsome brother

April 12, 2012 @ 7:51 pm
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Nine Muses member Sera revealed her handsome brother to the public.

On April 11th, Sera tweeted, "With my brother :)" and shared the above picture. The picture of Sera and her brother was taken after she participated in the general election vote near her home.

The picture showed Sera looking fresh and beautiful in her effortless look and bright smile while her brother smiled rather shyly next to her. Her brother grabbed the people's attention for his good looks and celebrity-like aura like his sister.

After viewing the siblings, the netizens commented, "Superior genetics", "He could become a celebrity", and "Voting confirmation! Ideal idol."

Meanwhile, Nine Muses recently wrapped up their promotions for "Ticket."

Source & Image: Sera Twitter

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