NU'EST member Ren likes the attention he is receiving for his feminine look

March 29, 2012 @ 6:26 pm
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During a recent interview with Sports Seoul, NU'EST member Ren (17) who is drawing attention for his feminine look says that he actually doesn't mind the attention.

Ahead of the group's debut, teaser photos of Ren were revealed, causing netizens to become curious to as whether he was a male or female.

"The people around me tell me that I look like a girl," he said. "But I think these sort of reactions are fun, partially because it makes me hope that they will want to get to know me better."

Ren is also the only member of the 5 that gets his nails done. When asked, "Doesn't your nail art make you seem even more feminine?", Ren answered, "I like things that are stylish, and I thought it would go well with my appearance so I got them done."

"I'm from Busan, and early on in junior high, I came to Seoul alone because I wanted to become a singer," he added. "I know my appearance may seem feminine, but I have a rather quiet personality and keep to myself."

Meanwhile, NU'EST is actively promoting their new debut song, "Face".

Source & Image: SportsSeoul via Nate

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