Soomi withdraws from 5dolls, agency adds new member

February 17, 2012 @ 4:50 am
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It's just been revealed that 5dolls member Soomi has decided to leave the group.

5dolls' agency, Core Contents Media, announced the news on February 17th and added, "New member Nayeon, who has an innocent image, has stepped in to take Soomi's place."

Soomi has decided to pursue a career as a solo artist after being the leader of 5dolls and a former member of SeeYa. Officials at Core Contents Media accepted her decision and prepared a member replacement soon after.

Han Nayeon is said to be 21 years old, and has lived in the States since elementary school. She's not only fluent in English, but also possesses strong musical ability in the piano, flute, guitar, and more.

With the addition of Nayeon, 5dolls will continue to promote as a five-member subunit under the management of GM Contents Media.

Source: Hankooki

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