Stellar's Jeon Yul is a 564 year old princess from space?

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When girl groups say they're four-dimensional in personality, not a lot is expected, especially since they have an image to keep up. Eric's new girl group Stellar, on the other hand, shattered those expectations through their hilarious interview with E Daily. The interview began with maknae Jeon Yul (18) proudly holding up her Little Prince pendant, describing him as her boyfriend from when she lived back on her 'star planet'. She explained, "I'm actually 564 years old. I'm the princess of a star planet but I made a grave mistake that made my dad send me to Earth as punishment. This is just a body that I'm borrowing. I told the girl's mother that I'm sorry and that I promise to use her body well before returning it to her." The other members are just as quirky. Ga Young describes herself as a 'pink princess', as she loves to dress in the color pink from head to toe. She claims that it helps her dance better. The group considers the team's oldest, Lee Seul (22), as the maknae of the group due to her childish nature. After finding out that Ga Young hated bugs, Lee Seul would purposely go out of her way to find a bug to wave in her face. The other members added, "She's kind of like an otaku." Chic but boyish Joa (21) has a tough personality and loves to put her strength to the test. She claimed that not being feminine enough was one of her weak points, which made the members quickly add that putting on makeup was her hobby and that she loved to perform aegyo. With such eccentric personalities brought together into one group, it's no wonder why their song is just as unique. The girls will be making their debut on August 23rd with "Rocket Girl", a song with unique lyrics that doesn't focus on love but on unusual ideas like, "Go out into space and don't come back!" The girls will be using their cyber concept as their differentiating factor. "It's Stellar's own charm." When asked how their music video filming went, the members said, "It was a lot of fun pretending to shoot guns and hitting the enemy. Lee Seul and Joa are both fans of 'Sudden Attack', so they had a lot of fun." They proudly added, "The staff complimented us for shooting guns well." Stellar will be officially debuting on Mnet's 'M! Countdown' on August 25th. "Just like Shinhwa, we want to become one of the longest lasting idol groups. We also want to win #1 on a music program with our first promotion cycle." Source + Photos: E Daily via Nate


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