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New ballad group SLIM releases debut MV, "She's Really My Girl"

August 30, 2011 @ 5:08 am
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With idol dance groups currently at the forefront of the industry, a new group called 'SLIM' is preparing to launch their career with under a ballad style. Managed by Soliens Entertainment, the group made their debut with the single, "She's Really My Girl". These boys have already caught the industry's attention since there hasn't been a ballad group after 4MEN and Sweet Sorrow. SLIM stands for 'sun light in the morning', and as the name suggests, the boys hope to bring something fresh to the clustered music environment. "She's Really My Girl" is a pop-ballad produced by GARDEN with a string arrangement that'll give your ears a break from the synthesized sounds taking over the market. Soliens Entertainment commented, "In order to properly continue the legacy of 4MEN and Sweet Sorrow, SLIM is a ballad group made up of only the most talented members.  We're sure that music fans will fall in love with their direct style of expression and the emotion behind their voices." Check it out below! Source + Photos: Newsis, Herald Economy via Naver

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