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G.NA releases sexy MV teaser for "Banana"

August 19, 2011 @ 9:06 am
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On August 19th, singer G.NA released a music video teaser for "Banana", a song from her upcoming second mini-album! The song became a hot topic earlier thanks to its banned status from MBC. The ban only served to heighten everyone's anticipation for G.NA's new song, and now with this MV teaser, fans will finally get to hear what the issue is all about. G.NA herself participated in the composition of this track and received the support of rapper Swings. As a result, "Banana" is an extremely catchy track with an aggressive synthesized beat, and fans will find themselves singing, "I'm going banana, banana, bananas." Her style in the video is described to be 'hyper sexy', meant to play up her 'dancing diva' image. It's definitely boosted everyone's expectations for her "Top Girl" mini-album release on August 23rd. Check it out below!

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