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Heechul enjoys a foot massage

June 29, 2011 @ 12:35 am
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Project group M&D's Kim Jungmo recently revealed a photo of fellow member Kim Heechul receiving a foot massage. It seems the Super Junior member was enjoying the treatment as the photo shows him lying calmly on a massage table, obviously relaxed. Jungmo tweeted, "Kim Heechul, lying reservedly next to his dongseng [younger sibling or acquaintance] despite not doing any of the work that was planned." Kim Heechul replied humorously to the tweet saying, "Ah. My sexy adam's apple," and "Instead of studying, the person that gets a foot massage right next to his hyung is none other than Kim Jung Mo." Fans commented, "Foot massages hurt, he's being patient," and "The big universal star has arrived." Source + Photo: Nate

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