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Racing girl group 'Carcaro Girl' releases debut MV, "One Point"

May 29, 2011 @ 4:52 am
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A new girl group by the name of 'Carcaro Girl' has just made their debut this week with their single album, "TEMPTATION AT ONE POINT." What's noted about this band is that all six members are popular racing models, and thus, have a considerable fanbase on their own. Comprised of Lee Yebin, Min Seohee, Kim Mihye, Yoo Ara, Lee Sunghwa, and Park Shihyun, the girls have combined forces to create a sexy and seductive image that fits well with their title track, "One Point." Their title track is a house rhythm based electronic track produced by Eleven Medical Sound's rookie producer, Rini Daddy, with a featuring by vocalist Tarae. Check out their debut music video below! Source: MJK News

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