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Brave Girls' Seo Ah's past photos have been revealed!

March 29, 2011 @ 1:08 pm
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Seo Ah, the fourth member of the Brave Brothers avatar group, Brave Girls, has been catching the eyes of many netizens with her past photos. Pictures have been surfacing on the internet of Seo Ah's modeling days before her debut as a 'Brave Girl', and in the revealed photos, Seo Ah is showcasing her unreal body in a shoot for CeCi, as well as showing off her bright and confident expressions. She is receiving quite a bit of attention for being another 'model-idol'. After seeing the pictures, netizens stated, "Her body looks like a mannequin's body", "I wonder how they were able to get these members", and "I hope they debut soon". Brave Girls is composed of five members, including Son Dambi's doppelganger, Hyeran, and Miss Korea participant, Yejin. They are set to debut soon by releasing their album in the beginning of April. Source: Hankyung via Nate

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