Actor Bae Soo Bin breaks up with girlfriend of 8 years

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It was recently revealed that actor Bae Soo Bin ended his 8-year long relationship with his girlfriend. A source close to Bae said, "After ending the relationship last year, the actor has been quietly recovering. He is trying to focus on moving on and acting." In the past, the actor had publicly revealed his girlfriend and their relationship. In September of 2009 Bae made the announcement through KBS2TV's "Sang Sang Plus""We have been dating for 7 years, she is two years older, and running a business. We are like soulmates." Many celebrities try to hide their dating life, but he proudly announced his to the world, which brought in much support from his fans. However, as they both became busy with their lives, they met less and less frequently. After 2009, the actor starred in the dramas "Shining Inheritance", "Angel's Seduction", "Dongyi", and many others, continuing his acting without any rest. At the end of last year, he was in the play "Beyond December 12th" as its main character and shined on stage. Because his time was often eaten away by his career, the couple experienced a strain in their relationship. The source said, "He has been very busy completing his scheduled activites. The girlfriend also has a business to run, so it became hard to see each other, and thus their relationship came to an end." Bae Soo Bin is currently filming for the upcoming SBS mini-series "49 Days". In the drama he plays the role of 'Kang Minho', a character with a generous and warm personality who also possesses strong pride and a twisted sense of narcissism because of his adverse childhood. The series will air on March 16th. Source: Nate


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