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Park Ye Jin's past photos revealed

February 5, 2011 @ 9:22 pm
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How did sweet-but-violent Yejin-asshi and "My Princess" 's chic Park Ye Jin look like when she was young? If you were curious, there's good news for you. On an internet portal site, a photo titled "A picture of Park Ye Jin in a 90's magazine" was uploaded and has been reviving a lot of interests from fans. In the photo, fans could see young Park Ye Jin as an 18 year old student, emulating singer Kim Hyun Jung and actress Kim Hee Sun's makeup and hairstyle. Fans commented, "Even in her past, she looks just as pretty!", "It's good to see young Park Ye Jin's freshness!" What do you think about Park Ye Jin's look from the 90's? Source + Picture: Korean Economy via Yahoo! Korea

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