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New Girl Duo HARASORA Releases MV

February 16, 2011 @ 12:21 am
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The new girl duo HARASORA has revelaed the MV for their first single, "Kiss Kiss Kiss." "Kiss Kiss Kiss" is a warm and sweet song that sings about happiness and joy of kissing someone you love.  It hopes for a loving society where people share kisses.  The repeated "Ppo Ppo Ppo" (Kiss Kiss Kiss) in the chorus especially charms the listeners. HARASORA member Yoo Sora has been recently called the 'Kangnam Station Kiss girl" for sharing kisses to people passing by. Meanwhile, HARASORA's other member Kil Hara, has appeared on MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night' - Hot Brothers as a blind date. Thanks to Kang Mi for the tip!

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