SECRET's Hyosung confessed to breaking up with her ex during Xmas season

December 19, 2010 @ 7:07 am
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Birthdays, Valentine's Day, and Christmas - they make up the holy trinity of the worst times to end a relationship. During a recent episode of MBC's 'Bouquet', SECRET's Hyosung confessed to have been guilty of breaking up with her ex-boyfriend during Christmas. The girls began talking about any interesting stories that happened on Christmas Day. Hyosung then voiced, "Two years ago when I was still a trainee, my boyfriend and I had a huge fight just days before Christmas." She continued, "At the time, my boyfriend and I fought a lot because we found out about each others' past histories, and ended up breaking up shortly after." What kind of past would Hyosung have had to make her boyfriend so angry? Or vice versa? Source: Daily Economy

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