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Brown Eyed Soul and Untouchable postpone album release due to Yeonpyeong Island tragedy

November 24, 2010 @ 1:21 am
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Admist the rising tensions between South Korea and North Korea from yesterday's artillery fire exchange event (Yeon Pyeong Do tragedy), it looks like Park Jung Min isn't the only one delaying his solo album release and promotions. With the same reason as Park Jung Min, it has been revealed that Brown Eyed Soul's third album, as well as Untouchable's second album, will be postponed. The originally scheduled album release date for Brown Eyed Soul was the 24th; Untouchable on the 25th, and both sides have revealed that the album will be released when the tension of the misfortunate tragedy clears up. Much like the Cheonan naval ship sinking tragedy that striked last March, the Korean entertainment industry may be affected once again with many artists and programs possibly postponing their comebacks, album releases, and broadcasts. Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Soul's comeback album title track, "If It Were The Same" MV teaser was released right before the tragedy, check it out below: Will artists including T-ara, SISTAR and possibly even Big Bang's comebacks be pushed back as well? Stay tuned to allkpop to find out.

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