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Lee Chae Young chosen as the model for DL1961 premium jeans

October 1, 2010 @ 6:11 am
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Actress Lee Chae Young, who became a hot topic after wearing a revealing dress on the red carpet, is now showing off her voluptous body in jeans. Lee Chae Young was recently chosen as the Korean model for premium jeans brand 'DL1961', and she boasted her sexy S-line in the pictorial. Lee Chae Young expressed, "Because DL1961 is a hot brand among Hollywood celebrities, I'm very happy to be chosen as the model...From now on I will show you all varieties and styles of jeans." She  recently wrapped up filming for the KBS drama 'Comrades', and is in the midst of filming her new movie, 'Bicycle Looking For A Whale'. Check out the pictorial below: [gallery] Source + Pictures: Sports Seoul

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