Jiyeon shows off her aegyo on Strong Heart

July 28, 2010 @ 3:58 am
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T-ara's Jiyeon shocked everyone with her crazy aegyo acting skills on Strong Heart. On the episode that aired on the 27th, she said she would reveal aegyo that makes you want to throw up. During Teuk Academy, she carried on this aegyo and really did make some people want to leave. She's still adorable no matter what but there comes a time when aegyo can drive someone insane. Of course, she did this all jokingly so everyone forgave her for being so cutesy. She also carried out a character medley. She listed the four characters she's played, a bad student, a cute student, a ghost and a scared person. She acted all of those out in a short amount of time and impressed everyone with her acting skills. I always had something against most of the young actresses in Korea but I really do think Jiyeon is talented. Aegyo starts at 7:30 Acting medley starts at 0:36!

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