SISTAR leader Hyorin's audition video gains interest

April 21, 2010 @ 5:12 am
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The soon-to-debut-onstage girl group SISTAR's lead vocal, Hyorin (Kim Hyo Jung), is already garnering attention from netizens for her audition video. Recently, a video of Hyorin's audition has been revealed through an online video site. For her audition, Hyorin sang Christina Aguilera's Hurt. Since she was auditioning, she sang without a microphone, but the power in her voice could still be heard. Viewers who have come upon this video commented, "Is this really a live audition that was sung without a microphone," and "I'm getting goosebumps." The actual video has been gaining popularity amongst netizens and has already gained 100,000 views. SISTAR has just finished up recording for their album and is planning to have their official single debut in May.

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