Seo In Kook denies undergoing plastic surgery

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Ahead of his album release, Superstar K winner Seo In Kook has received undivided attention for his 180-degree transformation that was unveiled through his album jacket photos. Although Seo In Kook attributed his radically different appearance to significant weight loss,  suspicion was raised that he had actually undergone plastic surgery. Netizens suspected this as photos of the talented singer unveiled a sharper jawline and a pointier nose. There were mixed reviews from netizens who took note of his physical changes. They commented,

"Because of Seo In Kook's radically different appearance from back then, I am sure he underwent plastic surgery." "It's not true! His different look is simply the result of him taking better care of his body and exercising during his hiatus."
A representative of Seo In Kook's company Jellyfish Entertainment stated, "The plastic surgery accusations are outrageous. For 3 months, Seo In Kook worked hard and exercised consistently to achieve his new look." Whether Seo In Kook looks like Brad Pitt or a Picasso portrait gone wrong, it still doesn't change the fact that he has an exceptional voice, especially for someone of his age. Instead of throwing out accusations of which body part he got done, let's just anticipate his new music that is sure to be a success like his previous works. Seo In Kook's album Just Beginning will be revealed on May 6th through online music sites like Mnet, Cyworld and Melon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtK1DSkYVWU



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