Park Yong Woo and Jo An end 2 year relationship

February 22, 2010 @ 5:07 am
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It was revealed that actor Park Yong Woo (38) and actress Jo An (27) have ended their 2 year relationship recently. The couple has been a publicly acknowledged couple by many ever since they begun dating and showed their love for each other often. But from the end of last year, rumors of a rift started surfacing. When asked about Park Yong Woo at the year-end 2009 KBS Acting Awards, Jo An declined to answer anything. Colleagues also noticed that Park Yong Woo appeared to be down in sprits on the set of his drama filming for SBS Jejoongwon. A close friend of the couple revealed,

"Since Jo An started filming for her daily drama, Jolly Widows last year, her schedules have been really hectic. Meetings between her and Park Yong Woo started to decrease and then they had a little misunderstanding which snowballed. They eventually parted due to that. Both of them are suffering greatly after the breakup."

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