Posted by Susan-Han Thursday, June 23, 2022

Girls' Generation members reveal what they want to try on their very own show + what they hated about variety shows back in the day


The members of Girls' Generation gathered for a serious(?) meeting about their very own variety show, 'Soshi Tamtam'!

On June 23, JTBC unveiled a brand new teaser for Girls' Generation's comeback variety, showing where the members (except Seohyun, who was absent due to her drama schedules) discussing what they wanted to try out on their very own show. 

Tiffany, taking up the role of spokesperson for the team, shared, "Some of the items we talked about amongst ourselves are 'Hanging out in pairs', 'Playing team sports', 'Hosting a talk show', and 'Having a pajama party'." 

Next, Sooyoung suggested another item, 'Reuniting with people from our past'. However, the rest of the members immediately struck it down, saying that it would be "no fun".

On the other hand, Taeyeon commented, "It should be a 'Let Girls' Generation be Free' project", while Tiffany added on, "It will have a format similar to 'Infinity Challenge', 'Shinhwa Broadcast', and 'SNL', but Girls' Generation-style." 

The members also discussed what they didn't want to do on their own show. Here, YoonA listed, "I don't like people forcing you to answer questions. I don't want to do impersonations or talent shows. I don't want to do 'idol stuff'. I don't want people to bring up stuff that happened in the past. We have changed since those days."

Finally, Taeyeon wrapped up with, "Since it is our 15th anniversary, rather than something fake or made up, it would be much more comfortable to just keep it raw."

Make sure to tune in to JTBC's 'Soshi Tamtam' starring Girls' Generation when it premieres on July 5 at 9 PM KST!

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cabbagejuice4,771 pts Thursday, June 23, 2022 2
Thursday, June 23, 2022

tbh all the stuff yoona listed rly pisses me off or is boring. especially impersonations, usually they arent that good and never funny

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rickkelly2,208 pts Friday, June 24, 2022 0
Friday, June 24, 2022

I'd like a balance of past, present, and future. How do you do an Anniversary show without bringing up things from the past? I liked the Invincible Youth format, where you had bonding and interaction through a project of some kind. Then you could finish the day with a meal and social time.

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