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Rocket Punch x AKP Red Carpet Q&A Event!


Are you ready to Ketchy our next AKP Red Carpet guests? Well get ready, because the ladies of Rocket Punch will be joining us very soon to answer all of your questions!

Rocket Punch is a six-member girl group from Woolim Entertainment, consisting of members: Juri, Yeonhee, Suyun, Yunkyoung, Sohee and Dahyun.

They just made a comeback a day ago, through their title track “Ring Ring,” in which Rocket Punch deliver a summery 'new-tro' track – adding a fresh twist to the familiar 80s synthwave sound. The song’s title playfully refers to the 'phone battle' during the crush stages of a relationship, particularly waiting on who is going to be the one to call the other one first.

Leave your questions in the thread below, and Rocket Punch will be here on approximately May 26th at 8 PM KST. (Note: Initially scheduled for the 24th as heard in the video).

Please welcome Rocket Punch to the AKP forums and leave your questions for them in this thread (NOTE: questions in the comment section in this article will not be used).

In the meantime, check out their comeback music video below and also follow them on social!


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rayzsketchy1 pt 28 days ago 2
28 days ago


Q1: have you ever think about cute concept?

Q2: (sohee & dahyun) is it hard for you to study and pursue your career at the same time?

Q3: is there any country that you want to go after the pandemic end?

that's all. I hope ring ring will blow up and give the first winning for you and ketchy!!


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luv2love-833 pts 26 days ago 0
26 days ago

What do you think sets you apart from previous artists who also got the opportunity to grace the website, even be pinned.

Be honest with your potential, describe it to use in words or numbers.

Imagien doing ouija not out of desperation just w friends, what ghost u summon example pennywise, grimace from mcdo, any of the pokemom. as a follow up question: energy-vibe-or aura wise describe the entity u procured?

Name a food you wish you can eat.

How many hours of sleep are u running on? History of needing more sleep but not getting it, whos to blame for it

Do you sometimes wow yourself , how explain?

Your take on recent UFO developments? Would you accept an invite to live with ET ufos if they ask and are willing would u be?

If you were to switch places with any of your fans- what would that exp feel like?

If you could switch places with the bigfoot or loch ness which one would you choose?

If you were mother earth herself, would you be doing any of this?

Idol and dating, ur take?

Movie that ended quicker than you anticipated but was glad that was, how so describe the movie.

If this was a simulation, why would the maker even make it a possibility for man to figure it. Describe higher being. Utopia?

Do you hold grudges? Are you narcissistic whats ur opinion on narcs?

Music copyright laws ur take.

Do you ilke 'embrace the grind' or 'gimme whenever idc' ?

Pet peeves related to online media, websites.

First thing you would do when youre rich.

Do you download blackpink songs so you can delete each one manually from ur laptop?

Be honest have you ever fought with one of them, ur bandies... are they real? And you're supposed to be real as well? And were to believe you because its drastic or realistic?

Riches.. do you want to work for it if you can get it right this moment/rt now or work for it cause you love the journey its fulfilling?

Do you think youll ever reach a pinnacle where you're too popular you want to become just a regular, standard civilian with a voice?

Most horrible movie you can think of?

Most underrated work of yours can you name it?

If anything is holding you back, what is it?

Whos the strongest out of any of you? Think ur tupac or something?

Story has it that anyone to grace this site pinned gets popular, like mad praise from ppl fans all over the globe,

Ur take on financial side of the industry what would u change?

Do you think blackpink lisa is jealous of Rose because her single cant reach the heights of Rose's? Probably i think..

Can you mic drop one time for ur fans?



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