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Jessi talks about self-confidence with elementary school students


Jessi talked about self-confidence with elementary school students.

On March 24, the rapper featured on YouTube channel 'ODG' to meet with Korean elementary school students, who she shared diary entries, played jump rope, and more with. Jessi expressed, "I'm Korean, but I was born in America. Today, we're friends. You can speak informally to me." 

She revealed, "I dreamed of becoming a singer since I was 13 years old. I came to Korea from the US alone when I was 14 years old without my mother, but I had no idea about Korean culture. I didn't even know the honorifics, so I only knew 'hello'." When the children commented she must have had a hard time, Jessi responded, "I've been doing this since I was 14 years old, but it didn't work out so it took about 15 years."

As for what she would do at their age, Jessi said, "If I were to become your age again, I want to listen to my parents better and work harder. I miss my parents. It's because I was apart from them when I was young. Whenever I watch them on video call, I can see my parents getting older. You should treat your parents well too."

One child asked about Jessi's secret to high self-esteem and confidence, and she answered honestly, "What you see on TV is not everything. I'm confident, but I cry alone at home when I'm sad. I can't help that. We're human beings, aren't we? Crying and making mistakes are all right. People keep learning by making mistakes. Getting up even when you fall is what a confident woman does. That's the most important thing."

Jessi concluded, "Everything is difficult. Nothing is easy. Do whatever you want and eat a lot, but you have to brush your teeth properly."

What do you think of Jessi's advice?

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Haruga356 pts 22 days ago 0
22 days ago

This was such a heart warming advice from Jessi.I felt like a child listening to an adult even though I'm 20.

Also "but you have to brush your teeth properly" made me laugh out Idk why😂😂



mangoes-1233 pts 22 days ago 0
22 days ago

the kid's mind was most likely just blank the whole time lol



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