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UP10TION's Lee Jin Hyuk says he doesn't gain weight even if he eats 2 pizzas per meal


On the November 21 broadcast of JTBC's '5 Bros', UP10TION's Lee Jin Hyuk bought the envy of female guest stars Kang Seung Hyun and Park So Hyun by revealing that he doesn't gain weight!

During this episode, Kang Seung Hyun and Park So Hyun gave the '5 Bros' cast members the challenge of choosing the "most desirable" superpower from the following: 1. Never gain weight no matter how much you eat, 2. Stay in tip top shape without ever sleeping, 3. Read others' thoughts, 4. Never be rejected by your romantic interests, or 5. Have perfect memory.

While the cast members, including the show's newest addition Seventeen's Seungkwan, held a furious debate about the various superpowers, Lee Jin Hyuk commented, "Number one is me. I eat like 2 pizzas at a time but I don't gain weight." Park Joon Hyung simply remarked, "That's just because you have fast metabolism." 

The two female guests could not hide their envy toward Lee Jin Hyuk and his "fast metabolism", and attempted to relate more to Kim Jong Kook in the area of "watching calories". However, Kim Jong Kook said, "People mistake that about me often, but I eat a lot. I like to eat a lot because if I eat a lot, that means I need to exercise that much." 

Check out the clip from this week's '5 Bros' above.

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