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SF9's Chani reveals his new favorite food over fried chicken + Chani and Dawon begin their 24-hour fast


SF9's Chani and singer Tei appeared as guests on the March 8 broadcast of MBC's 'The Hungry'!

In this health and wellness reality program, the cast members and guests take on a fasting challenge for 24-hours in order to cleanse their digestive systems of society's unhealthy, processed ingredients. Chani, who confessed that he endured an irregular meal pattern while filming for his drama 'SKY Castle', chose to take on the fasting challenge in order to return to normalcy. 

Hearing that Chani would be taking on the 24-hour fasting challenge, fellow SF9 member Dawon volunteered to suffer as Chani's partner. The two then tried to come up with punishments in the case that either violated the rules of fasting by eating or drinking! At first, Dawon jokingly suggested, "Shaving one eyebrow..?" But after a few options, Dawon named bungee jumping as an option, and Chani complained, "No, I might have a heart attack in the middle of it... I really can't bungee jump." Dawon remarked, "I can't even ride the pirate ship ride," and Chani added on, "Even watching [people bungee jump] on TV makes me scared." 

In the end, Chani agreed to make bungee jumping the punishment, confidently claiming that all he had to do was succeed with the fasting challenge. 

Later, Chani led his fellow members to a sundae (blood sausage) restaurant for his final meal before starting his 24-hour countdown. During their meal, Youngbin asked, "Our fans know you as a fried chicken lover. Chicken vs. Sundae stew?" Chani answered without hesitation, "Sundae stew. It used to be chicken but... this [sundae stew] won me over." 

Catch more clips of Chani as he begins his 24-hour fasting challenge, below!

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Blue821,853 pts Saturday, March 9, 2019 0
Saturday, March 9, 2019

It's an interesting concept and going without food for 24 hours won't significantly impact your health. However you need to drink water. Dehydration does have an affect on your organs and is incredibly unhealthy to do.



kpoplovermay1,318 pts Saturday, March 9, 2019 0
Saturday, March 9, 2019

this is interesting concept, ive heard of cleansing like this before, idk if it really works but ive heard of it.. but even for people with even normal jobs its hard.. i hope they will be ok.. sf9s choreo is really hard.. i hope this wont effect they're energy levels as theyre still doing music shows.. promoting etc.. shoot they performed on every music show this week thats likes 5+live shows + radio shows and promotional fans signs, variety show appearances etc...



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