Posted by EunhaYi Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Son Heung Min and Lee Kang In exchange apologies amidst 'table tennis controversy'


Lee Kang In
, embroiled in the 'Table Tennis Gate' controversy within the national soccer team, took to Instagram on February 21 KST to express criticism towards Son Heung Min. In his post, he extended apologies to senior team members, teammates, and soccer fans.

Venturing all the way to London, England, Lee Kang In personally apologized to Son Heung Min for their physical altercation. In response, Son Heung Min issued a statement on his own social media platform the same day.

"(Lee) Kangin is currently going through a very tough time after the incident. Please find it in your heart to forgive him just this once," wrote Son Heung Min. He further reflected, "In my youth, I made numerous mistakes and exhibited poor behavior. It is thanks to the invaluable advice and guidance from respected seniors during those times that I am where I am today."

Son Heung Min also revisited the clash with Lee Kang In during their efforts to foster team camaraderie within the national team. He acknowledged, "It is the captain's responsibility to address such unpleasant matters for the team's sake," while also admitting, "However, I recognize that my actions were also not commendable and are open to criticism."

Expressing regret over the table tennis controversy, Son Heung Min stated, "I deeply apologize for causing such a stir despite being greatly cherished for my contributions to soccer." He pledged, "I will strive to turn this incident into an opportunity for further growth of the Korean national team in the future."

Son Heung Min extended his support to Lee Kang In, noting, "Kangin has sincerely reflected on his actions and offered heartfelt apologies to all national team players, including myself." He accompanied his statement with a photo featuring him and Lee Kang In, symbolizing reconciliation.

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Poppfresh919 pts Wednesday, February 21, 2024 21
Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Most people don’t apologize or half ass it but it takes a real man to travel to London, acknowledge his faults, and personally apologize face to face. Lee kang is young and hopefully he learns from his mistakes and grow from it to be a better person.

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blue19973,567 pts Wednesday, February 21, 2024 2
Wednesday, February 21, 2024

SHM has said good things towards LKI a lot for a long time. He cares for him so I don’t think he wants anything bad to happen to his career. It’s really up to LKI to reflect and make better decisions and not let popularity/fame get to him.

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