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College student who was praised for rescuing abandoned newborn later confesses she's actually the mother

By yckim124   Tuesday, January 30, 2018   49,695   248   138



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A young mother put on a show to abandon her newborn baby but later confessed to her crime and took the baby back.

A 26-year-old college student identified as 'A' claimed she heard a kitten crying outside her apartment in the early morning on January 30. When 'A' went outside to check on the noise, the weak cry was actually coming from a newborn baby who was abandoned on the cold cement floor of the apartment hallway. 

The infant still had its umbilical cords attached. 

'A' was shocked at the unbelievable sight and rushed the baby into her home. After wiping the blood off the baby and cuddling the baby into warmth, 'A' woke up her brother-in-law and sister and called the police. The baby was rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, the baby revealed to be in a healthy condition. 

'A' and her family commented to the police, "We just felt bad for the baby. We cuddled the newborn before calling the police because the first thing we wanted to do is warm her up."

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The "heroes" that saved the newborn received much compliment and praise for their caring actions. However, the praise soon turned into a criticism of disgust as 'A' confessed she's actually the mother of the abandoned baby.

During the police search for the baby's mother, they found 'A' to be suspicious and requested 'A' to get DNA testing. In response to the request, 'A' confessed she's actually the mother.

'A' confessed to the police, "I was afraid of my parents finding out about the baby and I wasn't confident about raising her on my own, so I was planning to give her up by making it look like I saved an abandoned child."

When asked if 'A' is capable of taking the baby back and raising her, 'A' replied, "I will take her back and raise her."

If 'A' left the baby out in the apartment hallway then it's possible to charge her for abandoning an infant. However, that cannot be applied as she took the baby back into her apartment. If 'A's brother-in-law and 'A's sister called the police knowing the baby belonged to 'A', then they can be charged with a false report. However, the possibility of 'A's family not knowing about 'A's pregnancy is high, meaning the charges will most likely not be applied. 

The police stated, "'It's true 'A' did lie but there are no laws that permit punishment, so the case has drawn to a close as just a happening."

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