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Female college student asks for a simple cut but receives a buzz cut instead

By KpopJoA   Sunday, July 2, 2017   45,902   71   0



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Recently an online community board is buzzing about an incident at a beauty parlor.

A female college student identifying herself as 'A' recently posted a horrifying story after visiting a hair salon near her school. The post has gone viral and received hundreds of thousands of views.

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Concerned about having too much hair, the student specifically requested the hairstylist to 'thin out the hair a bit inside.'

Hearing this, the stylist suggested getting a two block cut since the hair would grow back quickly if she only thinned out the hair.

'A' commented "Since the stylist was a professional I said okay.  However, all of a sudden she took a razor and just buzzed the back of my hair the size of my hand."

Shocked, the college student asked if the stylist had buzzed just a bit too much when she responded, "This is how it is," and instantly parted the hair by two-thirds.

What upset the student, even more, was the stylist's attitude.

The student expressed her feelings, "I didn't say anything as tears began to well in my eyes, the hair stylist then laughed saying 'You can't even see it from the back side," and mentioned how the other salons did the same and didn't apologize one bit.

She also mentioned, "When the wind blows, you can clearly see the parted hair in addition to when I flip my hair back."  The student went on, "It's also quite noticeable when I turn sideways. I cry every time I dry my hair."

Reading this, netizens commented, "It's the hair stylist's fault," "That haircut isn't even a two block," "They should seriously apologize."

Whereas, some sided with the hair stylist and said the customer should have been more specific and carefully consulted beforehand. 

Did you ever have any traumatic experiences at the hair salon?

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kpickles Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I asked for a shoulder length shag haircut and the woman started cutting and she said "I am just going to clean up the back." and before I could say anything she had took a razor and shaved so close to my head you could see my scalp the longest part of my hair was my bangs and they were only 3 inches long.  I would not leave the house for over a month. but I learned that castor oil and placenta help hair grow fast.

eager_beaver Monday, July 3, 2017

I had to look up what "two block cut" means. And I can't understand why this customers agreed to it. It's popular among Korean men. It means that your hair is cut very short on the sides and at the lower part of the back of your head. Now I do blame the stylist more for suggesting a "two block cut", seriously doing it so quickly before double checking with the customers since it' pretty drastic, and her nonchalant attitude about the result. But at the same time I don't understand why the customer agreed to it if she knew what it meant, even if she trusted the stylist was a "professional".

ges111 Monday, July 3, 2017

One time I asked for shoulder length hair with long layers. He cut it up to my ears, no layers. Now I cut my own hair, thanks Youtube.

thefabcat92 Monday, July 3, 2017

in fact i had pretty much the same experience..even though i ask it to be cut short, i never thought she would use buzz cut. my mom told my relatives, she got a new son.

foltarida Monday, July 3, 2017

scary stylist, this is the reason why i hate salon, everytime i go there, things that i want never happen, just wasting money

RoAnon9935 Monday, July 3, 2017

Since I have extremely thick hair that's how I thin out my hair but not even the lady who cuts my hair would go up that high. For thin or normal thickness of hair I can see how this would be a nightmare.

BigBlueagain Sunday, July 2, 2017

A bad haircut is a news story? Really? Slow day at the office AKP?

xiu_tingstars Sunday, July 2, 2017

THAT'S NOT EVEN TWO BLOCK... I hope she didn't pay for that haircut jfc that's terrible. It's also going to take SO long to grow out AND she's a college student aka her "golden years" for Koreans

Ryen Sunday, July 2, 2017

Reminded me of that time when I asked the hairstylist to cut my hair just past my shoulders, and she gave me a short bob. It didn't look bad, but that's not what I asked for. This hairstylist was completely unprofessional. Your client was in tears, and you laughed? WTF?!?

risongyi Sunday, July 2, 2017

This is why I cut my own hair. I dont like going to the hairsalon because stylist do whatever they want, even if you're specific and tell them what you want, they don't care and just cut it without asking if it's ok. Like if you ask them to cut just the ends,  they chop off 10 cm of your hair, it's annoying.

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