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1 million citizens gather to protest and demand President Park's resignation

By GhostWriter   Saturday, November 12, 2016   185,486   4,404   248



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Korea held one of the largest protests in its history on November 12.

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From Seoul Square to Seoul City Hall, an estimated one million people gathered to protest urging President Park's resignation. The media states one million people but the police force is putting forth a more conservative estimate of 260,000 people.

The current presidential scandal involves a woman named Choi Soon Sil, who is President Park's long-time friend and confidant, who allegedly had access to classified information and influenced the president's decisions -- everything from outfits to major government hirings, policy, and more. As the scandal is taking the entire nation by storm, protesters having been gathering in Seoul every weekend and each protest has been growing in number.

Many regional citizen unions and organizations from around the country are renting buses to make their way to the capital city. It is already reported that all the charter buses from many cities have been booked, and KTX (Korean railroad system) tickets from major cities to Seoul have been sold out for quite some time.

Because of the massive influx of people, numerous wireless providers added switchboards to increase Wi-Fi data service, however, the mobile phone signals were still affected because of the massive amount of people.

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Meow77 Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I'm stupid ... so can anyone explain to me briefly about this scandal?

hanjivara Sunday, November 13, 2016

You got to respect koreans for the way they  protested

nctu_127 Sunday, November 13, 2016

mmm everyone is pretty much wrecked huh?

krell Sunday, November 13, 2016

Prez PARK GEUN HYE has about 15 months remaining for her to be in office of her 5 YEAR Term. Which seems a bit LONG in duration to be a 'wounded duck' remaining in office. NOT sure if she can be forced out though. I would say that she has NOT done real TREASON. Which, I believe that TREASON is *required* for her to be removed from office, based on the S.KOREAN Constitution. Looks like Prez PGH is just hoping that all the anger directed at her does 'burn itself out' over time. Which, NOT sure that is really a solution in some ways. Definitely, if PARK GEUN HYE would just resign, it would likely make things easier. Otherwise, to get her out, they likely have to do some kind of CONVOLUTED DANCE of legal maneuvering. It seems like PGH just plans on everyone 'hating' on her, but she serves out her final 15 months in office anyway. Seems NOT the best situation overall.

Jjamppong krell Sunday, November 13, 2016

She was trying to amend the constitution where she would be able to serve two terms. Which means, she wants her political power. I'm not extremely educated about politics but what I can say is that someone who doesn't do things on behalf of her people is unfit for a leadership position.

bangeryun94 krell Sunday, November 13, 2016

She's also called for members of the National Assembly, the body that can actually vote her out, to resign so that she can replace them with her cronies. Which btw, is illegal.

krell Monday, November 14, 2016

I am USA person, so NOT at all trying to say what S.KOREA should do it exactly. I was thinking that MAYBE the Prez PARK GEUN HYE could be put in a situation where she is *more* like say as the QUEEN of the U.K. is. Like a 'figurehead' person who is MUCH LESS POWERFUL than they were. And you just let Prez PGH 'serve out' her last 15 months that way. In a *significantly* DIMINISHED 'Political Power' capacity. Which actually, Prez PGH is *already* there in many ways (SMALLER political power). You draft some STATEMENT that says like "Prez PGH is an IDIOT. And we who endorse this statement want her to RESIGN. We realize that Prez PGH is NOT likely to resign. So, we will be forced to just 'ride out' the next 15 months with Prez PGH as a DISGRACED 'leader' of S.KOREA. Hopefully the next 15 months will PASS QUICKLY and QUIETLY." ... I am NOT really sure, based on the S.KOREAN CONSTITUTION, that Prez PGH has done TREASONABLE actions. Which, fairly sure that would be REQUIRED (TREASON) in order to remove PGH from her S.K PRESIDENT office.

krell bangeryun94 Monday, November 14, 2016

https:// en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Lewinsky_scandal ... <-- The USA went through a situation (Year 1998). Where USA President BILL CLINTON was IMPEACHED but NOT REMOVED from office as USA PRESIDENT. And this was over (my view) a 'sexual conduct' situation with Ms. LEWINSKY (who is *not* his wife). I thought that it was a COMPLETE WASTE of TIME and MONEY to IMPEACH USA Prez BILL CLINTON over this 'sexual' matter. And my *guess* is that to try to REMOVE S.K Prez PARK GEUN HYE will likely be a SIMILAR situation. It would be VERY COSTLY (time consuming). You would see a LOT of S.K POLITICAL POSTURING (so 'wind bag' behavior). And in the end, it is NOT clear that ANY of that will result in PARK GEUN HYE to RESIGN, or be LEGALLY REMOVED from office either. That is my GUESS on it, at this point.

krell Monday, November 14, 2016

As added comment about the 'victimized' MONICA LEWINSKY. *Before* Ms. LEWINSKY did arrive in Washington DC to perform her 'charms' on BILL CLINTON, Ms. LEWINSKY had, while *still* in HIGH SCHOOL, 'honed her skills' on a MARRIED MALE working at her HIGH SCHOOL as the 'Audio/Video/Tech' person there. But, you had a LOT of 'TRUMP' types 'ranting' on about BILL CLINTON having 'victimized' this 'INNOCENT YOUNG WOMAN' (LEWINSKY) in this manner ... ;-)

krell bangeryun94 Monday, November 14, 2016

The 'running joke' on MONICA LEWINSKY, was that she ARRIVED in WASHINGTON DC ; *ON HER KNEES !!!* ... ;-)

krell bangeryun94 Monday, November 14, 2016

http:// www. washingtonpost. com/wp-srv/politics/special/clinton/stories/drama012898.htm ... <-- SORRY ; It was LEWINSKY's *DRAMA TEACHER* that was the 'conquest' of the 'charming' Ms. LEWINSKY. I thought that the 'AUDIO/VIDEO' HIGH SCHOOL guy was involved too ; been awhile since all of this took place.

Jjamppong krell Monday, November 14, 2016

I get what you're saying. But sexual matter are private and they didn't really hurt the American people other than the fact that it ruined Clinton's reputation. What she did was in terms of national security that dealt with matters regarding the PEOPLE of Korea. Her legislations would affect the Korean people and by her dealing with them in such a careless manner shows that she isn't taking the people's welfare into consideration. A democracy is for the people, not the upper elite.

krell Jjamppong Tuesday, November 15, 2016

@Jjamppong <-- You make a GOOD point ; I respect your views. I hope that you will get a SMILE from what I say it next. In 1998, about BILL CLINTON and Mr. LEWINSKY. SOME did argue that BILL CLINTON, while having Ms. LEWINSKY performing her 'charms' on him, that 'Big' BILL was TOO DISTRACTED to be available to 'activate' the ... (drum roll) ... 'NUCLEAR FOOTBALL' (so WW3 Launcher) IF NEEDED! ... ;-) ... And thus, it was 'TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR' (in *not* 'Defending the USA' properly) by BILL CLINTON to have Ms. LEWINSKY perform her 'charms' as she did it! ... ;-) ... Myself, I found this a bit PREPOSTEROUS to think in this manner. BUT those who HATED the CLINTONS (so TRUMP REPUBLICANS) were MORE than willing to 'buy into' this type of logic ... ;-) ... Or at least MAKE THE ACCUSATION! ... ;-)

krell Jjamppong Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Again, with regard to Prez PARK GEUN HYE and her FORCED REMOVAL from office. I think that it will be DIFFICULT to prove that a TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR has happened with regard to Prez PARK. And with NO TREASON, my understanding is that S.KOREA LAW does give IMMUNITY to Prez PARK for 'other offenses' like say being a DITZY AIRHEAD ... ;-)

krell Tuesday, November 15, 2016

(Joking) Maybe HEATHER CHO (KOREAN AIRLINES *CHAEBOL*) could arrange for MACADAMIA NUTS to be dropped upon PROTESTERS by one of her JET planes. Prez PARK GUEN HYE could simultaneously go on TV and say "I am NO MARIE ANTOINETTE (FRANCE). So, Let Them Eat MACADAMIA NUTS! And NOT CAKE!" ... ;-) ... <-- The 'saga' of HEATHER CHO and the MACADAMIA NUTS! ... ;-)

Jjamppong krell Tuesday, November 15, 2016

XD activate the nuclear football I died laughing.

krell Jjamppong Tuesday, November 15, 2016

@Jjamppong <-- GOOD ; I did mean for you to enjoy that! ... ;-) ... Incidentally, HILLARY CLINTON (2016) *did* run some TV Ads with the message that TRUMP was 'NOT TO BE TRUSTED' with the 'NUCLEAR FOOTBALL' somehow. THANKFULLY, the TV Ads did NOT say that TRUMP might be 'TOO BUSY while GRABBING SOME PUSSY' to be available for 'NUCLEAR FOOTBALL' DUTY! ... ;-) ... But that WAS pretty much the INFERENCE of them ; the TV Ads ... ;-)

krell Jjamppong Tuesday, November 15, 2016

https:// en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nuclear_football ... <-- NUCLEAR FOOTBALL (USA) ... URL reference.

krell Jjamppong Tuesday, November 15, 2016


krell Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Perhaps Y'ALL can tell that JOHNSON is from USA State = TEXAS! ... ;-)

intricate Sunday, November 13, 2016

This is pretty admirable... I would like to see this happen in the USA as well..

ChocoCutiePie Sunday, November 13, 2016

All those Koreaboos who wanted to move to South Korea after the US Elections.......

krell ChocoCutiePie Sunday, November 13, 2016

(LOL) ... NOT sure that USA citizens 'love' NOODLES *that* much! ... ;-)

ChocoCutiePie krell Sunday, November 13, 2016

i'm talking about Koreaboos.

sejung_wang Sunday, November 13, 2016

Whichever country ever choose their politicians wisely? now that people claimed americans are dumb to have voted wrongly while human's ignorance is universal. phillipines voted for trash corrupted marcos, malaysia's high profile corruption to name a few. Truth is politics are darker than ever. oppositions could very well the 2 sides of the same coin.

enzoa Sunday, November 13, 2016

Lobbying, corruption, nepotism and manipulation are common issues everywhere in the world, but in this case the full story is much more long, complex, articulated, scary and ridiculous than AKP can/want explain, and it's simply unacceptable. I think that Park should not have been elected in the first place, but anyway it would be appropriate if she steps down now, even if several observers of the korean scene are prone to think that she will endure until the end of her assignment.

Jjamppong Sunday, November 13, 2016

For those going off and on about how people are overreacting and accusing Korean people, @Wang_Sejung specifically, let me remind you that this event was something that UNITED people. People came together, stood together, and pledged to be together while the government did things behind their back. Because, in a democracy, the government is FOR the people which the Korean president did not do. I am a Korean-American who couldn't participate in such event sadly, but many of my friends and family back home did because they--no, we-- believe that some things CAN change. So please. If you don't have nice things to say about such movement, please do not say anything. To us, it is something that we would risk everything for. For our liberty, and for our justice.

krell Jjamppong Sunday, November 13, 2016

@Wang_Sejung <-- Yeah WANGY ; TAKE THAT !!! ... ;-)

xoxoshawol Sunday, November 13, 2016

I can't reply any comment. T-T

styx xoxoshawol Sunday, November 13, 2016

try a different browser. Microsoft Edge works for me here, Chrome and FF doesn't.

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