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13-year-old boy gets beat up on the streets of Japan for speaking Korean

By yckim124   Wednesday, October 12, 2016   98,135   81,464   242



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A 13-year-old boy Shin and his family became victims of unreasonable physical assault in Japan.

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According to SBS, Shin's family recently traveled to Japan for a family trip. In the city of Osaka, the mother, son, and daughter were walking across a bridge while exchanging a conversation in Korean. Unexpectedly, a strange Japanese man in his 20's approached Shin and kicked him in the stomach. The man continued to physically and also verbally assault the 13-year-old and demanded he fight back. During the brawl, the mother also got hit in the arms while trying to protect her son. 

After the terrifying incident, Shin's mother stated, "There were about 20 people around us but none to help. I think our family became victims of a hate crime, similar to the recent wasabi terror in Japanese restaurants." (Certain restaurants in Japan have been overloading wasabi in Korean customers' sushi.)

In response to the growing discrimination against Korean travelers, the Consulate General of The Republic of Korea in Osaka stated, "Recently, many incidents have been reported regarding harm against Korean citizens in Osaka. The incidents tend to be more frequent during evening hours, so we advise travelers to be more cautious."

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Summer82 Friday, October 14, 2016

lol is totally koreaboo site (and slow) is always same, this kind of news against Japan in Korea just grow up the racist and hate between countries, im not defendind Japan, also i hate racism, but Korea also have many Racism and i think is worst, what about pub or bar with posters outisde and say  "only korean no foreigner" i feel sad for that family and the kid, but looks like is time to talk bad about japan in korea, it happen ,some period of year korea goverment do that , heol~

bangeryun94 Summer82 Saturday, October 22, 2016

Yes, Korea can be just as bad. Those signs of "Korean Only" are specifically for the soldiers and their families from the US military base. There's a reason for not allowing them in and it isn't racism. It's their total disregard for the law and culture. If I visit the US I'm expected to follow the law or else I wind up in jail. Is that a fair assumption? The military commanders allow soldiers to wreak havoc on businesses, destroy property, assault patrons ... and not a damn thing is done. No reimbursement for property damage, no jail for assault, nothing. So no, they're not allowed in.

Carmelia_Jayne Thursday, October 13, 2016

Actually everyone is getting along, only some particular group of people with pretty fucked up minds raises the attention on media. I mean, this is pretty much like how it is stated that some people are islamophobic but when in reality, they all just coexist together.

HaHariwanto Thursday, October 13, 2016

there is no such things called racist in this world. theres only a hate n depressed people to find an excuse to wreak on somebody without reason, especially to those whose weaker than theirself.

jennkyube Thursday, October 13, 2016

LMAO that Japanese guy is lucky I'm not there to witness this because I'd probably smack his head so hard he'll lose consciousness. Regardless of the issue, skin color, and nationality, an adult in his 20s shouldn't be kicking a child EVER. He must be special kind of stupid for doing this, to a stranger too. Totally deserve a hard smack in the head.

Summer82 jennkyube Friday, October 14, 2016

yeah you ahahaha

jennkyube Summer82 Friday, October 14, 2016

GTFO pro-Japan. You're not welcomed here. Also, in case you failed to read my post properly, I wasn't taking Korea's side either. If this happens in Korea I would totally smack the Korean's head too. NO ADULT should be kicking anyone, whether you're Korean, Japanese, or wherever it is you come from. You still don't understand that? Maybe someone should really smack your head too.

jinkisays Thursday, October 13, 2016

What's with all those hatred really.. my Korean teacher's husband is a Japanese and they've been living a fairytale kinda love story (minus the castle tho haha)

Gallifreyan7 Thursday, October 13, 2016

Meanwhile in Europe my japanese teacher is best friend with a korean woman ... People are crazy. But seriously, you need to be seriously ill to attack a child .

kjclover54 Thursday, October 13, 2016

That's so not fair , how can The Consulate General of korea say next time be more cautious . What the F*** does that mean . Or something more serious has to happen for you to take action. Next time maybe the koreans will fight back, i hope so. I'm pissed off ,how can no one help and just watch what is happening.

kalione Thursday, October 13, 2016

Then the next time i see a jap i will kick him and throw him wasabi in the face and tell him to go back to his country. Let's see if they will like it too

AOA_Seolhyunxo kalione Thursday, October 13, 2016

I don't see the difference between you and the 20 year old Japanese dude who kicked the 13 year old Korean kid. You basically generalising one person's action to the entire population. A month ago, I went to Spain, walked into a restaurant to have a nice meal, got treated like shit in there. Am I going to generalize one person's action to the entire Spanish population? If you think so, then you aren't any better and need to get kicked too.

bobbatea AOA_Seolhyunxo Thursday, October 13, 2016

You are one to jump to conclusions. Don't be a dick to her for no reason. Did she say she was generalizing ALL Japanese people? NO? Don't put words in people's mouth, go back to tumblr for that shit. She was talking about that 1 ASSHOLE she meets. Don't compare her to the 20 year old kid who literally beat up an innocent person. Don't be a fucking brat and assume.

Erza_Scarlet31 bobbatea Thursday, October 13, 2016

Umm aren`t you the one who is feeding words to her mouth I agree @AoA_Seolhyunxo should have spoken I little nicer @Kaione said the next time a see a Jap she did`t say anything about that Japanese being an asshole also she said "Let`s see if THEY will like it too" It doesn`t take a genius to figure out what she meant sure she might have meant no harm and was just extremely angry when hearing this i was too but just because of one person action doesn`t a whole nation of people also think the same.

bobbatea Erza_Scarlet31 Thursday, October 13, 2016

tnbh, none of us three are right. Kaione's grammar and wordings are terrible. I forgot to mention before bc my comment was getting too long, but, "jap" is a jewish american princess, it's not short for japanese tbh. Jap is a jap, I forgot to point that out. I see what you mean but idk. I don't think they meant it that way, but, then again. None of us know until the comeback and correct what they meant.

Erza_Scarlet31 bobbatea Thursday, October 13, 2016

Oh I see then I will exit myself from this convo lol

AOA_Seolhyunxo bobbatea Friday, October 14, 2016

I'm not jumping into any conclusion, she/he/it clearly says "next time i see a jap" - she/he/it doesn't specify that one person who beat up the 13 year old but the entire population, Maybe you should go learn English or ... how about when she/he/it wrote "Let's see if they will like it too" , what's your definition of "they" ? Oh and I'm not assuming anything, just because you are 'for' racism doesn't mean I don't have the freedom of speech to express how she/he/it is being the same as the 20 year old Japanese dude who beat up the 13 year old kid. Perhaps are you using two accounts to defend yourself, that's pretty cheap.

daFoolio Thursday, October 13, 2016

this is horrible to hear.... but what is with this hate for koreans in japan all of a sudden?  ummmmm... is there something we did??  sucks....

bobbatea daFoolio Thursday, October 13, 2016

Japanese never liked Koreans. Some do yes, there are kind ones to Koreans. I'm not saying that I hate Japanese people, I don't. But Japan and Korea never got along. This isn't new, it's pretty old, but the old days are coming back which makes it scary. 2016 is the year of everyone fighting, discrimination, stereotyping, racially judging people. We should be moving into the future, not the past. I agree with you, this is terrible. But, this has been going on for years, usually with the older people, I'm shocked to see a 20 year old. He is fairly young.

chiyasuho Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wht a big deal speaking korean. Arent kpop idol goes to japan too? why didnt they hate them then? Feeling sorry for them. plus i dont think police will taking care.

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