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Kim Chae Won's social media upload sparks speculation: Is she responding to the haters criticizing LE SSERAFIM's live performance?


Could LE SSERAFIM's Kim Chae Won possibly be responding to the recent influx of criticism towards the group?

Recently, discussions about LE SSERAFIM's live singing abilities have been heating up in popular online communities. Following their encore performance for their comeback, the girl group has faced criticism regarding their vocal skills.

Last month, LE SSERAFIM came under fire for their encore stage on Mnet's 'M! Countdown' where they struggled to perform "Easy" live. Many criticized the track for being too low-key and laid-back for the members to sing effectively on stage, leading some to question their musical talents. Since then, LE SSERAFIM's performance skills have been under constant scrutiny and criticism.

On April 13, LE SSERAFIM graced the stage at one of America's premier music festivals, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The group debuted an unreleased song titled "1-800-hot-n-fun" and collaborated with acclaimed American musician Nile Rodgers on a special rendition of their title track "UNFORGIVEN." Despite their extensive preparation for their Coachella performances, LE SSERAFIM once again faced criticism for their vocal performance.

Now the latest discussion has been sparked by Kim Chae Won's recent social media update. Following the various criticism online, Kim Chae Won took to her Instagram to share a performance clip of Doja Cat. In the video shared on Kim Chae Won's Instagram story, Doja Cat is seen sticking up her middle finger to the crowd during her Coachella performance.


This latest video has ignited discussions in popular online communities, with many speculating whether Kim Chae Won was responding to the criticism. Some netizens believed that Kim Chae Won was responding to the latest criticism, others thought it was a coincidence and Kim Chae Won was just expressing her admiration for Doja Cat. The Instagram video story was later deleted.

Korean netizens commented, "Doja Cat is awesome," "Wow," "I don't think she should give people something to rip at," "I guess she thought that part of the performance was impressive. People should stop speculating," "She deleted that right away didn't she?" "Why did she share that part of the performance out of all others?" "Doja Cat is really good at singing though," "I don't think she posted without meaning, what is this?" "She's amazing lol," and "I really like Kim Chae Won but people's responses aren't that good so I think it's better if she stays still. I get what it means but everyone is thinking the same."

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quixychicky194 pts Monday, April 15, 2024 48
Monday, April 15, 2024

That moment when you realise you are not an "artist", but a carefully curated visual product with a *very* short shelf life. Clap back all you want, girlie, but this is the life you chose.

Flipping people off who tell you the truth will get tiring.

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princesspop3,434 pts Monday, April 15, 2024 6
Monday, April 15, 2024

As a fan of Lesserafim, this thing will not be helpful in live stage singing. It is important for this group to focus on their live singing skills. It is better to focus on your live singing skills rather than showing the middle finger to others because this action may result in criticism from netizens again in the future.

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