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MAMAMOO's Moonbyul receives praise for her live vocals during 'TOUCHIN&MOVIN' promotions

Moon Byul

MAMAMOO's main rapper and vocalist, Moon Byul, is flexing her live vocal muscles much to the delight of netizens.

Entering the second week of promotions for her 1st full album "Starlit of Muse," Moon Byul has once again proven why the saying "MAMAMOO's rapper is a main vocalist in any other group" holds true. Her vocal prowess, honed through diligent lessons since her last comeback, shone brightly. She effortlessly executed live notes while engaging in intense choreography, from radio shows to live music show stages.

This dedication to her craft has left both netizens and fans deeply impressed. Moon Byul's latest stage on KBS Music Bank has particularly garnered praise, with even non-fans on theqoo expressing admiration for her live vocals.

On the post on theqoo titled  "Moonbyul's live is stable", netizens gush compliments about the idols live vocals. Some simply commenting that the idol that the idols vocals are very good live:  "(She's) good", "She's MAMAMOO", "That's coz (she's)" MMM", "of course, MMM", "(she's) MMM, that's why." While others leaning into the special phrase given to MAMAOO by Korea\s general public - "BeLisMAMAMOO" (Believe and Listen to MAMAMOOO".

On theqoo, under the post titled "Moonbyul's live is stable", netizens lavished compliments on her live vocals. Comments ranged from simple praises like "(She's) good" and "She's MAMAMOO" to acknowledgments of the special phrase given to MAMAMOO by Korea's general public - "BeLisMAMAMOO" (Believe and Listen to MAMAMOO). This phrase, earned during their rookie days, signifies the group's reliability in delivering outstanding live performances.

Moon Byul's progress is especially notable as she continues to refine her vocals, sharing updates and snippets of her lessons with fans. Her growth is commendable, even in the 10th year of her career as an idol.

Below are a few of her remarkable live stages and her performance on 'It's Live' accompanied by a live band:

What do you think about Moonbyul's live performances so far? Do you agree with the opinion of netizens?  Check Moonbyul's 'TOUCHIN&MOVIN'  music video here if you missed it!

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ManupecksSONE7,150 pts Friday, March 1, 2024 0
Friday, March 1, 2024

Well, it was hard for her to stand out vocally amongst 3 POWERHOUSES, but now girlie is showing that she has pipes!!

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David33-392 pts Friday, March 1, 2024 3
Friday, March 1, 2024

Kind of sad, that people just realizing this. She trained for like a whole year or something to prepare for her new album. She always does that when she released a new album or doing a vocal competition like "The Second World" for rappers. I don't really care about charts or Music Show wins anymore, but it's still sad that she's the only member of MMM who didn't win anything. While she's the most credited female artist in Korea. Not just in the 3rd gen, but all-time!

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