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Park Hyungsik spends fun night with fans, talks 'Doctor Slump' during 'SIKcret Time' fan meeting in Manila


On February 17, Park Hyungsik held his solo 'SIKcret Time' fan meeting in Manila, Philippines at the Araneta Coliseum. This marks his return to the country 4 years after his previous solo event in 2019.

"Are there people here who were also with me 4 years ago?" asked Hyungsik. "It's been a while, thank you all for coming!"

When asked about the thing he's always looking forward to the most whenever he visits Manila, the actor said it's scuba diving, which he also mentioned during the press conference prior to this event. "I really love scuba diving," he said. "The Philippines has beautiful nature and beaches," Hyungsik shared. "But my fans are the prettiest."

Talking about his ongoing project series 'Doctor Slump,' when asked what his first reaction was to reading the script, the actor shared that in South Korea right now, the topics people mostly talk about revolve around burnout and slumps. "When I first read the script, it really caught my attention because it's something that I relate to," he said, adding that he wants to provide healing to other people, too.

Working with his co-star Park Shin Hye for this project, Hyungsik said he was happy to see and work with her again. 

On the topic of slumps, the actor was asked what he usually does to overcome challenges or when he feels down, he said with a soft laugh, "Isn't it a problem, too, when you're just always happy? I think it's scary if you're always laughing all the time."

In moments of loneliness, Hyungsik spends his time with his friends, and sometimes, he also does scuba diving and golfing if given the time to do so. "I really love scuba diving and golfing because while I'm doing those, all my concentrations are just there, and I wouldn't be able to think of my problem," he said. "It's good to be focused on something else, so we can't be depressed that much."

Reflecting on what he wanted to be when he was young, Hyungsik said he wanted to be a policeman, adding, "When you were a child, you really had a lot of dreams, right?" He continued, "And then growing up, I kind of found myself as rational, so I wanted to become an attorney. Of course, I really love where I am right now. The happiest moment of my life is right now."

When asked about the songs on his playlist, the actor said that he really doesn't listen to music these days, but he also revealed that he's listening to BTS V's music. "I hope you also listen to his songs!"

On his all-time favorite song, he revealed that he likes singer Park Hyo Shin. "There's a song called 'Breath.' It's one of my favorite songs," he shared.

As the event drew to a close, Hyungsik left his message for his fans in the Philippines: "After 4 years, I was able to return here. Thank you so much for all your passionate love. I sincerely thank you for your support of my drama 'Doctor Slump.' I want to make more opportunities in the future, so I can't meet you more often."


Park Hyungsik's 'SIKcret Time' in Manila was presented by MQ Live.

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