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K-netizens react as criticism mounts against BoA's performance in 'Marry My Husband'


In the ongoing tvN drama 'Marry My Husband', singer BoA's acting has come under intense scrutiny. While her special appearance initially generated interest, her portrayal of the character Oh Yu Ra has been met with criticism for its awkwardness and lack of fit within the storyline. 

BoA's character, Oh Yu Ra, is not present in the original webtoon but has been introduced as a main villain in the drama adaptation. However, viewers have expressed dissatisfaction with Oh Yu Ra's sudden and improbable actions, which they feel detract from the overall plot. While characters like Park Min Hwan and Jung Soo Min are also disliked, the negative reception towards Oh Yu Ra's character stands out due to perceived shortcomings in BoA's performance.

Critics argue that BoA's portrayal lacks depth and fails to convince audiences of Oh Yu Ra's significance in the storyline. Instead, her awkward facial expressions and vocalizations have drawn attention away from the drama's narrative, leading to external controversies unrelated to the plot.

With only three episodes remaining, the unresolved tension surrounding Oh Yu Ra's character has left viewers questioning the decision to introduce her into the storyline. As the drama approaches its conclusion, the focus remains on whether 'Marry My Husband' will address these concerns and deliver a satisfying conclusion to its viewers.

In response, Korean netizens flocked to a Korean online community to share their thoughts. 

"Putting acting aside, the character itself is too weird. Is the source material like this too?

"The character is the biggest problem.

"It's true, the charcter is weird but her acting also stands out." 

"I wish she were at least good at acting."

"The acting is bad, but I think the directing and writing is a bigger issue."

 "The setting overall doesn't have any context in the story and feels forceful but everyone keeps saying it's bad acting, I feel bad for BoA." 

"The character sucks but her acting isn't good, and top of that she has so much screentime. I don't understand the criticism about her awkward looks, she looks like the same BoA to me." 

"Did she already used to act? It's been pretty bad T_T

"To bring a sociopath character to life, her acting skills have to be on par with Song Ha Yoon but BoA's acting is pretty bad. Her facial expressions are the same no matter what her lines are." 

"Not sure if the acting this week deserves all this negative talk, but I think the script is the bigger problem this week." 

"After Oh Yu Ra was introduced, I can't focus on it, and it's just not fun anymore so I stopped watching." 

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"The character is the biggest problem."

Yes it's mainly the character that is unlikable. This villain is so unfitting and unnecessary to the story maybe that's why her acting is also getting caught in the criticism. Boa should've chosen another drama to make a comeback in acting.

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21 days ago

"Her facial expressions are the same no matter what her lines are."


Lol... Shin Se Kyung, Han Ga-In and Park Shin Hye have been doing that their entire careers, and audiences have quit criticising them on it because they never improved, but are still getting lead roles.

Maybe BoA should keep at it..... If it worked for them, it might work for her too 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆

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