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YG Entertainment currently has no plans for their rookie group BABYMONSTER to appear on music shows

BABYMONSTER, as YG Entertainment's first girl group since BLACKPINK's debut in 2016, has garnered significant attention and excitement in the K-pop industry. Their debut single "Batter Up," was released two days ago, eliciting a range of reactions. While the debut has been a topic of much discussion, some critiques pointed out issues such as the debut appearing hurried and the absence of a key member, with reasons for this not disclosed.

In the immediate aftermath of their debut, fans have been keenly looking forward to BABYMONSTER's performances on various music shows, a crucial platform for any debut group to gain exposure and build their fanbase. However, YG Entertainment has recently announced that there are currently no plans for BABYMONSTER to participate in music show performances, a decision that comes as a surprise given the importance of these platforms for newly debuted groups in gaining visibility and recognition.

Here is an article from TV Report:

Interest in YG Entertainment's (hereafter referred to as 'YG') new girl group BABYMONSTER (comprising of members Luka, Parita, Asa, Ahyun, Haram, Lora, and Chikita) is soaring. Amid this buzz, the public's focus is keenly set on their schedule for music broadcast appearances.

On the 29th, YG informed TV Report, "There is no fixed schedule for BABYMONSTER's music broadcast appearances yet." They added that detailed plans for the group will be announced as they are finalized, noting that currently, the focus is on preparing promotions and follow-up tracks.

Having debuted on the 27th, BABYMONSTER has rapidly gained popularity despite being just two days into their debut. This marks YG's first girl group launch in seven years following the globally successful BLACKPINK. Their debut track, "BATTER UP" set a record for the highest number of views within 24 hours for a debut music video by a K-pop group. As of 10 AM on the 29th, the music video has been ranked as the number one trending music on online channels, surpassing 38.48 million views.

With the warm reception and love BABYMONSTER has received upon their debut, fans are eagerly anticipating their appearances on various music and variety shows, where they can showcase their abundant talent and charisma. There is growing curiosity about whether BABYMONSTER will rise to global popularity like their senior group, BLACKPINK.

BABYMONSTER is a seven-member multinational girl group with three Korean, two Japanese, and two Thai members. Initially set to debut as a septet, the group debuted with six members due to the health-related absence of member Ahyeon.

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kat93,233 pts Wednesday, November 29, 2023 11
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Ok, actually I went and read the Naver article. So I think what I'm getting from it is that they aren't going on music shows with this one bc they are quickly going to launch another song(s) and do promotions during that. If that is the case, then maybe it's not so bad. They could be buying Ahyeon more time so that they can do the group's first music show as 7 or they could simply be taking into consideration that there was a lot of dissatisfaction with this song so want to pin their promotions on a different track instead.

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dmaynel1235,568 pts Wednesday, November 29, 2023 3
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

to me it seems more and more that this is just a soft launch to coincide with.... whatever, before a full blown launch when Ahyeon can join the team. otherwise why would they do such a lackluster attempt of a debut promotion.

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