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Jessica announces her 'Diamond Dreams' Concert and upcoming album

Jessica Jung has kept her fans eagerly awaiting new musical endeavors for an extensive period. However, the anticipation might finally be coming to an end as the talented singer has officially announced the date for her Macau performance, a highly anticipated stop on her upcoming concert tour.

Last week, the event's poster unexpectedly surfaced online, sparking widespread excitement and leaving fans in a state of anticipation. Considering the substantial time that has elapsed since her last concert and fan meeting, the eagerness among fans is palpable, and they are keenly looking forward to witnessing Jessica's captivating performance once again.

Earlier, both Jessica and the organizers confirmed the rumors and revealed that she will be holding a concert in Macau on November 25. The concert is said to kick off her upcoming concert tour.

Fans reactions online have been nothing but positive.

"Looking forward to sister!

"Tickets will be bought, see you in Macau, unnie."

"Finally, I can hear Jiejie speaking so much Chinese live. She speaks Chinese with a soft little voice, but sings like a high-pitched queen with huge lung capacity."

"See you there or not! It’s been ten years! I waited for your concert!"

"Diamond sisters 'Diamond Dreams' is like a dream come true."

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of additional dates for her concert tour. Last month, rumors circulated suggesting that Jessica has meticulously planned out at least eight stops for her tour, leading many to speculate that the Macau concert is just the beginning. Jessica has consistently communicated with her fans throughout the year, assuring them that she is diligently working on organizing her concert tour, heightening the anticipation for the official announcement of the full tour schedule.

Several fans are engaged in discussions, speculating on the timing of Jessica's album release in relation to her upcoming tour. A number of Chinese fans have expressed their eagerness on Weibo, hoping that the album will be released soon enough for them to learn all the lyrics in time for her concert. On the other hand, there is a sense of curiosity among some fans who are pondering if Jessica might give them a sneak peek of her new songs during her concert in Macau.

Are you looking forward to Jessica's concert and her upcoming album? 

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

I'm so excited this has been a long time coming. The posters so pretty as well

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023


I seriously can't believe how long its been since her last release, if this comeback is anything like her usual releases we can expect it to be an absolute bop.

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