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Netizens predict that former NMIXX member Jinni has signed with The Black Label


Has Jinni possibly already signed with The Black Label?

On a community forum, netizens made a conjecture about the former NMIXX member's whereabouts in terms of her agency. Based on Instagram, the account of Peter Chun, the international promotional director at The Black Label, was following Jinni, who had also recently launched her personal Instagram account

Netizens were also assuming that she might be well-suited to The Black Label's upcoming new girl group based on her age and professional idol experience. At the same time, other netizens are predicting that Jinni might promote as a solo artist, much like Jeon So Mi who had left JYP Entertainment.

For the most part, fans are expressing that Jinni's image goes well with The Black Label, either as a girl group or a solo. 

Meanwhile, The Black Label is an independent company, with YG Entertainment owning about 30% of its shares.

Reactions include:

"Wow, I am actually quite excited and a bit envious how she still has a good chance at success. Good for her."
"I can totally see her in TBL"
"I'm just so shocked how all this could happen so quickly though"
"I actually hope she debuts as a solo"
"If this is true, then she's exactly the same as So Mi"
"Hm...this makes me wonder even more why she had to leave JYPE"
"I think it's too early to assume"
"I am so excited for this, actually"
"Um, she could be an actress???"
"If Jinni had to leave JYPE outside of her own will for unfair reasons, I hope she succeeds here"

What is your opinion?

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mantouu420 pts Sunday, March 19, 2023 10
Sunday, March 19, 2023

Why would JYPE allow an idol to leave his label for a competitor? Sis was sacked. Idols, especially rookie ones, do not have the power to simply say "I don't like the music we make" less than 2 years into group activities. There are very limited clauses for what allows the idol to break contract willingly without getting sued. Think about it.

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Luckymoomoo6,001 pts Sunday, March 19, 2023 0
Sunday, March 19, 2023

This does lend more credibility to the possibility of her not liking the creative concept for the group, rather then having any issues or bad blood with the company or her former group mates. That means no issues or bad blood behind the scenes.

I true, I wish her and her former band mates the best!

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