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DKZ's Kyoungyoon confesses he was part of the JMS cult since birth and was brainwashed


DKZ's Kyoungyoon confessed that he was indeed part of the cult JMS, the infamous organization that was covered by the recent Netflix original docuseries 'In the Name of God, A Holy Betrayal.'

On March 13, Kyoungyoon shared in an interview with Dispatch that he was born into the religion and was part of JMS until recently. Kyoungyoon stated, "I think I was brainwashed little by little at JMS."

Kyoungyoon elaborated, "My parents were part of JMS for more than 20 years and I was born into it. Recently, I watched the documentary 'In the Name of God, A Holy Betrayal' and I saw the part where he (Jung Myung Seok) said he was the Messiah. I thought he was a 'crazy b****d' but I didn't think like that back then."

The idol added, "Before JMS says 'I am the Messiah' he builds up (the supporting information) for 2-3 hours. I think it's a form of gaslighting. I don't believe that Jung Myung Seok is the Messiah but I think I was brainwashed little by little."

Kyoungyoon explained that he thinks his parents completely fell into JMS when he was younger. He explained, "When I was in the second grade of elementary school, I had water fill up on the brain. At that time, the JMS pastors came and prayed for me. After that when I went to get tested and there was no problem. I think it was just the timing and she (mother) went to share testimonies about it saying it's real."

The DKZ member also emphasized that he has never propagated JMS doctrine while promoting as an idol. He shared, "After the controversy began, I got scared so I closed my eyes and ears. I felt so sorry while watching the victims go through pain. I became petrified when I thought they could have used me to propagate their doctrine (when I get more famous). Although it's too late, I am leaving the cult."

Kyoungyoon's parents shared, "Our son called us crying saying 'we were tricked.' We are taken aback but we do not put any religion above our son. We are leaving (the cult) and can even do more."

Meanwhile, the controversy surrounding DKZ's Kyoungyoon and JMS arose after the Netflix documentary 'In the Name of God, A Holy Betrayal' was released. After the documentary, many netizens accused Kyoungyoon's parents' cafe of being a business related to JMS. Thereafter, Korean netizens uncovered more pieces of evidence to show that Kyoungyoon was part of the cult himself too.

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Squirreltoo (Banned)
Squirreltoo (Banned)9,060 pts Monday, March 13, 2023 1
Monday, March 13, 2023

Poor guy, he had no say in the matter, that path was chosen for him by his parents. Hopefully there will be no backlash against him and his family by other cult members.

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MemoQ (Banned)
MemoQ (Banned)5,135 pts Monday, March 13, 2023 3
Monday, March 13, 2023

Now leave the kid alone. He was abused mentally enough from this and will probably take a lot of time to heal, and doesn't need kpop media and their stans to attack him for it.

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