Posted by Susan-Han Friday, February 17, 2023

Vintage clothing store attempts to sell outfits worn by (G)I-DLE members, admits to fans that the store did not get permission from Cube


Fans are slamming a vintage clothing store based in Seoul for attempting to sell clothes worn by members of (G)I-DLE on stage.

On February 18, the secondhand clothing store 'Vintage Santa' posted on Instagram, "Stage outfit items worn by (G)I-DLE are now in stock both on/offline at Vintage Santa." 

In another post, the shop wrote, "The WIDOW eyelet detail mini dress worn by (G)I-DLE's Shuhua as well as many other women's clothes and accessories can be found via our online store." 

Soon after the above posts, fans DM-ed 'Vintage Santa' for clarification. One fan asked, "Hello! Excuse me, but I wanted to ask a question regarding one of your products. Are you just selling identical items from the same brand, or are they the actual pieces worn by (G)I-DLE?"

In response, 'Vintage Santa' responded, "We purposely did not clarify this in the original post, but yes, they are the items worn by the members. We did not specify exactly in the post to prevent any legal issues, as we did not have direct contact with the agency."

When word that the secondhand shop was in fact promoting items worn by the (G)I-DLE members for sale without Cube Entertainment's permission got around to more fans, they began problematizing the matter harshly.

In response to fans' complaints, 'Vintage Santa' posted another statement, which read, "We would like to make a clarification as we have been receiving numerous DMs. We assure you that these items are identical brand items to those worn by the (G)I-DLE members, but are not the actual pieces worn by the members themselves. Because we used photos of models wearing these identical brand items for promotional purposes, it seems that misinformation was relayed. We would like to make clear that we are not affiliated with the agency or the group's stylists." 

In fact, 'Vintage Santa' soon sent the original fan from the DM above another response, with much of the same statements as those made in the correctional post. The shop then added on, "We would like to make a correction to the misinformation delivered by an employee earlier." 

Despite the "corrections", fans continued to accuse the secondhand shop of attempting to sell clothes worn by the (G)I-DLE members without permission from Cube Entertainment. Many fans claimed that the clothes on sale are "exactly the right size for the (G)I-DLE members", and additionally expressed anger at whoever "sold off" the girl group's stage outfits for cash. 

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lyn_seven529 pts Saturday, February 18, 2023 5
Saturday, February 18, 2023

Why would they need cube's permission? If the pieces are indeed the original pieces then most likely the stylist working for or hired by cube to style (G)-idle for those few stages owned the pieces then sold them... I mean it's definitely better than just throwing it away. Do fans not realize a lot of the time stylists are styling with clothes they bought themselves and they can't just hold on to every single item forever.

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Great_Turtle1,068 pts Saturday, February 18, 2023 0
Saturday, February 18, 2023
Well that's confusing ...first they are items worn by (G)I-DLE and then their just exactly the same brands that they wore...hate to break it to the fans though but even if they were stage worn clothes "Vintage Santa" doesn't need Cube Entertainments permission to sell them,as long as they legally bought them Cube has no say in the matter...

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