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Youth romance drama 'Cheer Up' gets criticized for its unrealistic portrayal of dating violence in one of their scenes


Youth romance drama 'Cheer Up' received criticism for its unrealistic portrayal of dating violence in one of their scenes.

In the 6th episode of SBS's drama 'Cheer Up' broadcast on October 18 KST, one of the scenes showed the character of Tae Cho Hee (played by fromis_9's  Jang Gyuri) encountering her ex-boyfriend. In this scene, Tae Cho Hee's ex-boyfriend confronts her and suddenly slaps her across the face without prior notice. He then says, "You dared to block me?" After being physically attacked by her ex-boyfriend, Tae Cho Hee calmly tells him, "To be clear, you were the first one to hit me." She then slaps her ex-boyfriend, knees him, and repeatedly hits him with her bag, quickly overpowering him.

With Tae Cho Hee's ex-boyfriend completely defeated on the ground, she firmly tells him to "never come look for [me] again". While it was a scene that originally garnered attention for being a refreshing moment of Tae Cho Hee teaching her ex-boyfriend a lesson, the scene soon received criticism for its quite unrealistic portrayal of dating violence. In response, netizens commented, "It was refreshing, but it was super unrealistic", "Even if it's a drama, the gap in their physical body size is large so this really doesn't make any sense", "Female individuals shouldn't copy this in real life and should just call the police", "This is [like] a fantasy drama", and more.

Watch the scene below!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Do they really believe this is unrealistic? 🤨 Like this can totally happen, some men aren't "used" to women fighting back SO they're surprised and just stand back.

"women shouldn't imitate this and should call the police" yeah, because they protect the victims, right? They don't give them a slap on the wrist and let them go... Sometimes it's necessary that we defend ourselves

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dmaynel1235,491 pts Wednesday, November 2, 2022 3
Wednesday, November 2, 2022

I found this scene really refreshing (and probably one of Cheer Up's highlights). The ones commenting are probably men who's afraid it will inspire women to fight back when treated badly (the Youtube short and video is getting quite extensive viewing)

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