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Posted by Yeom-My Monday, September 26, 2022

K-Pop Groups Celebrating their 10th Anniversary in 2023


As we are heading into Q4 and heading towards the end of the year, it's time to think about 2023. Previously, we discussed some k-pop groups awaiting their fifteenth anniversary in 2023 - a considerable accomplishment. Today, we'll be checking out some stars that will be celebrating their tenth anniversary in 2023.

A tenth anniversary is monumental in K-pop, and that means they've been active since 2013. This is a huge accomplishment to celebrate, and we are so excited and eager to celebrate this huge feat with these stars. Let's check out some big stars that are awaiting this special occasion below! 

BTS - June 13, 2013

Who knew that BTS would be the BTS we know in 2022? During their ten-year tenure, they've accomplished so much and pretty much-defined k-pop into what it is today. Congrats on their huge accomplishment, and only bigger things are ahead of this mega group.

Ladies Code - March 7, 2013

Ladies Code will also be celebrating their tenth anniversary in the upcoming year -- they've definitely been through a lot, but it is without a doubt that the music they provided for us is irreplaceable and absolutely phenomenal. Though the group hasn't been actively promoting for a while, it seems that the three members are individually promoting in their own way. Congratulations to Ladies Code! 

Din Din - 2013

Though Din Din doesn't have an official debut date, he appeared on the second season of Show Me The Money back in 2013 and ranked seventh place, officially making his debut. Though he is more seen in the entertainment industry nowadays, his original career is as an artist! Nevertheless, congrats to Din Din!

Code Kunst - 2013

Our favorite small-portion eater & fire music producer Code Kunst made his first television appearance back in 2013 as well through his single "Lemonade." Throughout his promotions, he proved himself to be a great artist, producer, and even an entertainer and made us think, "What would the music industry be like without Code Kunst?"

BESTie - July 12, 2013

This is an honorary mention as the group officially disbanded back in 2018, but the ladies of BESTie will also be facing their tenth anniversary in 2023! Though their era was short-lived, fans definitely miss BESTie, and some songs are still worth checking out to this day!

There weren't too many groups that debuted in 2013 (or at least groups promoting until now), but we can definitely say that this list is lean but not mean. We're so happy to congratulate these artists on this tremendous accomplishment, and we are truly excited to see what they can bring to the industry moving forward for many more years to come. 

What are your thoughts on this list? Did we miss a 2013-born artist? Which one is your ultimate favorite? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

  1. BESTie
  2. BTS
  3. Code Kunst
  4. DinDin
  5. Ladies' Code
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kimberley_gray329 pts Monday, September 26, 2022 0
Monday, September 26, 2022

Yes ladies code

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Trisibisi88 pts Monday, September 26, 2022 0
Monday, September 26, 2022

So excited to celebrate 10 years with BTS! They've grown so much, I'm so proud of them. And congrats to the other groups that are celebrating 10 years!

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