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j-hope updates fans on SUGA and why he wasn't at the pre-release party

Yesterday j-hope held a pre-release party for his upcoming solo album release, Jack in the box, at the HYBE building, where many artists such as HyunA, Dawn, Heize, Loco, Sunmi, Yoon Mirae, Jessi, Tiger JK, Big Bang's Taeyang, and many more legends attended. All the BTS members were also at the party, minus SUGA. With how close SUGA and j-hope are, it was unlikely for SUGA to miss his best friend's party. This sparked a discussion among fans, and many expressed their worries over his absence.

On July 15, 2022, j-hope held a live stream on Vlive to talk about his new solo album and also informed fans of the reason behind SUGA's absence from the party. Unfortunately, on the day of the party, SUGA felt sick and had a high fever, and despite his Covid test coming back negative, he decided to take precautions and stayed home.

j-hope on his Vlive explained:

"Yesterday, you must've felt like SUGA hyung wasn't there. If I were to talk about it, actually, SUGA hyung had planned on coming. He was even wondering what to wear and told me he'd also be getting his makeup done! He told me he'd get his makeup done and expressed it all with so much excitement. But of all days, he got somewhat of a high fever on the day of the party and had a little cold. So, just in case... we spoke to each other and decided that it's better not to attend. It was really so saddening to me too! Because, to be honest, the members are the most important to me, and I badly wanted to let the members hear it. And as for SUGA hyung, he was a hyung who actually said at first that he'd listen to it when it's out; he said he'd listen to it once and for all when it's released. So I feel very, very disappointed about not being able to have hyung over in a place where I let (people) hear it beforehand. And thankfully, Yoongi hyung tested negative for covid, but he said that it's better to be careful since it's a place where I'd have many guests over. And I feel that it was truly... very considerate of him. And SUGA hyung felt really disappointed about it too; he even texted me saying that it's such a regret that he couldn't make it, that he was so sorry and all. He supported and cheered me a lot. Though he wasn't able to attend, I felt like there was something about it that gave me strength in a different way.

It would've been great if all seven members were there, but it was quite unfortunate. So, I just wanted to share it with you guys."

After the Vlive, Yoongi posted on Weverse to express his disappointment for missing the party and update his fans on his health:

"I suddenly had a fever since yesterday morning so..^^
with the thought that it might be covid, I was getting tested and was unable to attend
ㅠㅠ im disappointed too ㅠㅠ
thankfully im back to a normal temperature, so don't worry too much~
Congrats jhope~ ."

j-hope, who could feel his disappointment and sadness, replied under his post expressing his love for his friend and teammate:

"I love you ~ bro ~ (written cutely) don't get sick."

"Get well soon, Yoongi" also trended on Twitter as fans who felt upset hearing the news took on twitter to send their love and support to SUGA and wish him a fast recovery.

Once again, Yoongi showed his kind and considerate and supportive personality. Despite being excited about the party and it meaning so much to him, he stayed at home and took precautions. In a world full of selfish beings, having people like Min Yoongi on earth is a blessing.

Wishing Yoongi a speedy recovery.

Check out j-hope's recent MV release, "Arson":

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Friday, July 15, 2022

Thought so. Yoongi is continually glowing up and being around industry people would make him happy, plus J-HOPE's music will cheer him up. It's too bad that he's sick and couldn't attend. Even our introvert hyung was there.

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bixxe287 pts Friday, July 15, 2022 0
Friday, July 15, 2022

they are brothers for life and I love how suga waits until the end of the process happy friendship.

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