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Park Soo Hong shares how his older brother embezzled 11.6 billion KRW (9 million USD) from him and gaslit him


Comedian/TV personality Park Soo Hong finally was able to share his side of the story and his true feelings on MBC's 'True Story Expedition,' approximately a year after his shocking discovery that his older brother, Park Jin Hong, had scammed him out of his entire life's earnings throughout his career.

In the episode that aired on June 30, Park Soo Hong explained why he allowed his brother to embezzle large sums of money. When the shocking story first surfaced, many people asked how the comedian allowed this to continue for nearly 30 years. 

On this day, 'True Story Expedition' interviewed Park Soo Hong's acquaintances, who explained, "I thought he was being gaslit. I thought they had a good brother relationship, but when the news was reported, I thought it was just an act."

Additionally, Park Soo Hong appeared on the show himself and gave a personal account of what was going on in his head. He explained, "I felt like it was a sin to doubt them (his brother and his brother's wife). I thought 'I am doubting my brother? my sister-in-law? Then I should die. They are sacrificing so much for me. how can I doubt them?' How can I ask them to show me their bank account?" Park Soo Hong added, "No one can live alone in this world, you need someone to trust fully. So I truly trusted him. I believed him when he said 'This is yours,' or when he said 'get this insurance.' because I thought he lived his life for me."

During this episode, Park Soo Hong's legal representative also explained how his brother set up the company and the contract so that he could embezzle so much money over the years. According to the legal representative, Park Jin Hong (Park Soo Hong's brother) and Park Soo Hong formed a partnership in which the two will split the profit 7:3, in which Park Jin Hong will take the seven and Park Soo Hong will take the 3 in the distribution ratio.

Additionally, Park Soo Hong's legal representative explained that Park Soo Hong's brother put all personal expenses on the business credit card and wrote them off as being business expenses. Park Soo Hong's brother put purchases, such as personal grocery costs, massage fees, or expensive women's clothing, on the business card. It was also revealed that Park Jin Hong opened up bank accounts in Park Soo Hong's name and transferred nearly 4 billion KRW (3.1 million USD) to that account, which he managed using Park Soo Hong's seal and bank book. With the large sums of money also transferred from the business account, Park Soo Hong's brother embezzled 11.6 billion KRW (~9 million USD) during the ten years.

Park Soo Hong's brother's atrocities did not end here. Park Soo Hong revealed that he found out that there were multiple life insurances registered in his name that are worth huge amounts without his knowledge. According to life insurance experts, it is unusual for an individual to have so many life insurances under his name.  One insurance consultant explained, "Calculating everything, the beneficiary would receive a total of 907 million KRW (~704,248 USD) if Park Soo Hong were to pass away due to an accident." Park Soo Hong shared how he felt and explained he was shocked to find so many life insurances taken out under his name. 

Another shocking aspect of this incident that was revealed on the show is that Park Jin Hong had been telling everyone that Park Soo Hong would die if he got married. Park Jin Hong even told their mother, which caused Park Soo Hong to break up with his previous girlfriends. Park Soo Hong's acquaintances explained that Park Jin Hong caused Park Soo Hong to cut ties with many of his friends and fellow comedians by saying they would bring misfortune. One acquaintance explained that Park Jin Hong told everyone that Park Soo Hong has the fate of dying if he gets married. 

In this manner, it was revealed that Park Soo Hong's brother had deprived Park Soo Hong of many things in life. Park Soo Hong explained, "It feels like hell, to find out that I was denied many parts of life by the person I trusted."

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omg that's terrible! how do you just use someone like that? used his trust and love to scam his own brother

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