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Netizens wonder if Jessica's book 'Bright' would have sparked so much controversy had her business flourished


Netizens are reassessing Jessica's career before and after leaving Girls' Generation.

Netizens reviewed excerpts from Jessica's new book 'Bright,' the sequel to her debut novel 'Shine!'. As seen previously, various parts of the book were shared on social media with fans and netizens reacting to the stories purportedly based on true events.

In addition to speculations about which character equates to whom, netizens rolled up their sleeves and shared shock, sympathy, as well as anger, based on their perspectives.

On an online community forum, netizens mostly critiqued Jessica's novel that it "primarily profits from the name of Girls' Generation" and "presents herself as a victim despite having received significant spotlight while promoting as a member of the group."

Furthermore, netizens commented that "if her fashion business had turned out to be successful," people would not have begun to criticize her as much. According to the reactions, the amount of debt which has surfaced from Blanc & Eclare has added more skepticism surrounding this issue. 

On that note, netizens reviewed Jessica's stance during her activities as a Girls' Generation member. They mentioned that she received relatively more spotlight in comparison to several other members in the group as she starred in musicals, released the song "Naengmyeon" with Park Myung Soo, OSTs, participated in reality programs, and more. 

In addition, a particular excerpt from the book seems to include that she has equated another member's tardiness from another acting schedule to branding her own fashion line.

Some reactions include:

"If her business had become as successful as Rihanna's or Jay Park's I don't think people would even be in a position to say anything. But with all that debt...writing all this down makes her look like a drama queen who has regrets about leaving Girls' Generation or someone who needs to profit from their name"
"I wonder if she would is writing all this because she can't let go of Girls' Generation"
"If her fashion business had flourished, we wouldn't even be having this drama"

"I don't think she should blame anyone else for not having been satisfied as a member of Girls' Generation, given the company's efforts to spotlight her"

"I don't think being pardoned for tardiness after fulfilling one's acting schedule should be considered the same thing as launching one's own business..."

What are your thoughts?

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CS11488 pts 29 days ago 3
29 days ago

I think both sides can both be true. Did the members do some shitty things during that time? Probably..it was the mid 2000s and the industry was not how it is currently. Would Jessica have released this if she would’ve been more successful in fashion? Probably not. But I think it’s disingenuous to say her motives make the actions(the non fictional ones) of the other members untrue. Fans take the title of “idol” too seriously. Girls generation is a legendary group from a company that had a chokehold on the industry back then. You’re crazy if you don’t think certain actions weren’t taken by the members to get to debut in that group. Not saying they’re bad ppl but these are hyper competitive situations and you’ll jump at any opportunity to get ahead. The majority of these idols aren’t just here because they can sing and look pretty. I think the more we see (almost debuted) trainees tell their stories then we’ll know more about just how much goes into going from a top trainee to an actually idol . Also more ppl will continue to shed a light on the toxicity of relationships between members. The competition doesn’t stop after debut. You have to position yourself to be able to be seen by the public after disbandment. Most Koreans know Hyuna, Eunwoo, etc etc. these ppl put themselves in the right opportunities to have a successful career after disbandment. It’s a shit situation if all true but it’s the reality of trying to make it in a new industry(Kpop is a baby compared to American pop industrys history )

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blue19971,083 pts 29 days ago 5
29 days ago

Honestly until Jessica comes out and tells to whole story in detail, I have to choice but to see the story on both sides. Being a sone since “oh!” and I’m not gonna choose sides until I know everything (whenever that happens). People here are saying things like “ oh the don’t have a real bond anyways” and “fake friends just businesses” can you name groups that really have tight bond? Cause from what I can tell all members work with each other as a group but, every idol has their own friend groups outside of the members. Those bonds are probably tighter than the idol group but doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

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