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Former SeeYa member Lee Bo Ram says she'd like to be debt-free through WSG Wannabe


Former SeeYa member Lee Bo Ram said she'd like to be debt-free through the 'Hangout with Yoo' project group WSG Wannabe

On the June 4th episode of MBC's 'Hangout with Yoo,' the members of the the12-member group met with each other for the first time. As previously announced, the 12 members of WSG Wannabe are Soyeon, Yoon Eun Hye, Navi, ex-Seeya member Lee Bo Ram, Sunny Hill's Kota, Park Jin Joo, Urban Zakapa's Jo HyunAh, SOLE, Uhm Ji Yoon, Kwon Jin Ah, HYNN, and Jung Ji So.

During the segment, 11 members out of 12 said yes to the question "I want to be more famous through WSG Wannabe". Lee Bo Ram then shared her reason why by saying, "I think this is my last chance. I'm going to do my best." 

She continued, "I want to make my name 'Lee Bo Ram' better known to the general public. And I'd like to be debt-free. I have a lot of debt because I didn't make a lot of money when I was promoting as a group. I also want to get my dad a new car as he has been driving his old car for a long time." 

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Winston9,556 pts Saturday, June 4, 2022 0
Saturday, June 4, 2022

it was sad she was supposed to have a reunion comeback with the other SeeYa members on Nov 2020, but i guess partly due to Covid lockdowns and other reasons, the album got cancelled.. it was after Sugar Man 3 that they wanted to have a reunion comeback.

She has been posting covers on her youtube channels in the meantime

(Channel Name: 보람씨야).

Hopefully this WSG Wannabe project will catapult her solo career further.

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kentv2,854 pts Saturday, June 4, 2022 1
Saturday, June 4, 2022

For the few idols that manage to sock away a few million to ten's of millions over seven years, so many end up making nothing and many end up heavily in debt borrowing from friends, family, or other less savory types to keep their dream alive. It's much like a student loan scam where if you really knew the full financial truth of what you were borrowing money to do, you'd likely never do it as at least with a college loan you can be largely in control of your own destiny by picking a degree that has good employment prospects and make some of your own luck. An idol though is largely subject to the ability of their company and external luck, and no matter how hard you practice you can't make up for bad marketing, a scandal with a member, bad songs, or cheap investment without a lot of very good luck. I can see why so many parents are so resistant to their kids trying to become entertainers. For every IU or G-Dragon there are hundred if not thousands who waste a decade that would likely have been better spend finishing high school well and then finding sometime good in trade school or college.

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