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[Concert Review] (G)I-DLE kicks off 2022 'JUST ME ( )I-DLE' world tour with powerful performance at Seoul's Olympic Hall


(G)I-DLE has officially kicked off their 2022 world tour 'JUST ME ( )I-DLE,' beginning with a weekend of concerts at Seoul's Olympic Hall from June 17-19. Allkpop was able to be among the 2,500 attendees to attend the tour's very first show on June 17, among one of the first K-pop concerts after South Korea's 'cheering ban' was lifted this spring.

While (G)I-DLE had previously held an online concert for fans during the COVID-19 pandemic, 'JUST ME ( )I-DLE' is also the group's very first in-person concert since their debut as well as their very first world tour, and the members were able to channel their excitement over such a major milestone in their careers with powerful performance broken up into five thematic segments: '[HEROiNE: Cliché] JUST ME (G)I-DLE' filled with the group's trademark visual color, 'a tragic HEROiNE' which was tied traditional Korean folk elements, 'I NEVER DIE' which kicked off the incorporation of a live band, the pop-punk reminiscent 'THiS iS My ATTiTUDE,' and lastly, the encore stage 'iT NEVER ENDS: NEVERLAND.'

The concert kicked off in a dramatic way, with swirling smoke effects and haunting Gregorian chants filling the dark venue before leading into "Oh My God" and its familiar bell sound opening. The first segment of the concert then continued with "VILLAIN DIES," debut single "LATATA," "Blow Your Mind," "Senorita," and a summer-energy packed set for songs "DUMDi DUMDi" and "LUV U," made complete with a tropical backdrop and gold streamers falling over the stage and crowd. The energy of the performance was matched by the energy of the crowd, with fans waving their lightsticks in the air and joining in by shouting the respective fan chants for each of the singles. The sound of fans screaming "You're pretty!" and "I love you," clapping, and singing along in the audience truly returned an important element of live performance unheard through the pandemic. 

During the first talking segment, the members spoke about how excited they were to finally return to face-to-face performances after such a long time. "This is the second concert we've done as (G)I-DLE. The first was an online concert in July 2020," Soyeon commented. "I'm so happy we're finally able to meet you in person."

"We did our first concert online, which was a shame, so today is feeling even more precious," Miyeon added. "We've waited for a really long time. It's great that we're able to start our first world tour in Seoul."

"The tickets for today's concert all sold out," Minnie added. "I'm really, really excited!"

The second segment incorporated traditional Korean folk motifs, with the members wearing white and red floral dresses and the stage design centering around a large moon that took over most of the backdrop behind them. Back-up dancers joined the members for very lyrical dance performances of "HANN (Alone in the Winter)," "HANN (Alone)," "Moon" (performed live for the first time), "Already," and "HWAA," reflecting the refined mood of these songs' concepts. As they danced, the moon would shift into different colors and shapes, with the members' shadows projected behind them.

During the third segment, (G)I-DLE performed their 2019 'Queendom' single "Lion" and "Liar," where they were joined not only by their back-up dancers but also a live band, who remained performing behind them throughout the rest of the concert. The stage was designed to match the original 'regality' of the "Lion" finale performance, with the members performing in front of a royal red backdrop with large golden frames outlining the jumbotron stage video. 

Next, the members returned for the concert's edgy fourth segment, skipping choreography for the song "Never Stop Me" to instead run around the stage and interact with the live band in a way that mimicked a lively rock concert. The group immediately shifted genres as they moved into performances of "Uh Oh," "My Bag," and an all-members version of the K/DA single "POP/STARS," originally only featuring Miyeon and Soyeon. When talking about how difficult the choreography for "Uh Oh" and "My Bag" are, Miyeon and Shuhua playfully got into a twerking contest, making the audience laugh as they set out to determine which one could do the twerk-like "My Bag" point choreography the best.

The main portion of the concert ended with a performance of the group's most recent single "Tomboy," which brought a second wind of energy to the crowd as they went right back into screaming along with the lyrics and performing the song's official fanchant as the members sang.

When the group returned for the encore portion of the concert, the group was surprised by a fan event during their performance of "i'M THE TREND" when every member of the audience held up signs that read "Look at the sparkling purple light for all of you here," a play on the lyrics from the song.

As soon as the performance ended, Soyeon let out a loud "Wow, what is this!" before the members tearfully reflected on the special night.

"It's been my dream to be able to have a concert in front of Neverland. Thank you," Minnie commented, with Miyeon adding, "It's been a really long time for this day to come. I really felt 'Wow, this is a performance,' and I spent the time feeling really happy and grateful."

"I was really happy," Shuhua also added.

"We'll only walk the flower road from now on, so don't worry," Yuqi assured the crowd.

"We'll be giving you a variety of concepts and a lot of songs in the future as well," Soyeon promised.

The members closed the show with an intimate performance of the song "Polaroid," with a polaroid showing up on the stage screens that read: "Our today we will always remember: 2022.06.17."

Meanwhile, 'JUST ME ( )I-DLE' will be continuing overseas in North America (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York City, Atlanta), Chile (Santiago), Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey), Indonesia (Jakarta), the Philippines (Manila), Japan (Tokyo), and Singapore.

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I cant believe that I managed to get tickets for their US tour. I got the sold out notification immediately, but i continued to refresh the page for 20 minutes and was able to get a VIP package. Blessed. So excited for the energy they will give during their performance!

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16 days ago

Sounds like an amazing concert but would expect no less from (G)I-dle!

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